Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weigh-in: Week #23: Down with the sickness

So, it's been two weeks since I've blogged. It's so easy to just forget about it when I'm not in the habit of it. But also, I suck and haven't been working out, so you know. What do I expect? I've been sick for 11 days and counting. Sinuses. They kick my butt. I can't breath, my chest is heavy, I'm full of an unending supply of snot and I just feel like poo. So needless to say, I haven't felt like going to the gym for sure, but also, it's hard to make good food choices when the only thing you can taste are super salty things or sweet stuff.

The week I didn't blog at all ended on Saturday with my Housewarming Party. I had a rough week and it showed on the scale. I weighed in at 300, which was up 1 pound from the previous week. So this week, I vowed to do better. And for the most part, I did ok. I had too many mini cupcakes, but other than that, I did better. And thankfully I was rewarded for that. I was at 298,4 today. Which means I lost that extra pound and another half. Not too shabby for being pitiful. Haha

This week I really want to vow to do better...but's Thanksgiving week! And we have family coming in from out-of-state, so, although I have great intentions, if I'm being honest, I'll be happy to stay at 298 this week. No gain. That will be a feat in itself!

I spent my weekend doing photoshoots in my living room. Sooo much fun! My house is a bit of a hot mess now, but ya know, that comes with the territory. Haha.

We got our puppy last Friday night! We've had him a little over a week, and it's seriously like having a toddler in the house! Lol. We are potty training and back talking and oh my goodness! That baby keeps me on my toes! But he really is doing super great & he's already growing like crazy! That's what Danes do though, right? LOL

Well, I'm gonna get off of here for tonight, I'm still pretty sick and need to get me some rest so that I can survive my 3-day work week this week. Sounds fabulous, but doing 5 days worth of work in 3 days is always a challenge!

Have an AMAZING Thanksgiving!! I hope to do so as well. :)


Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 6th, 2016: Weigh-In Week #21: Making Goals and SMASHING them!!

Well as I'm sure you can tell from the title, I reached a goal. Last week I weighed in at 302.4 pounds. I didn't make it to the gym AT ALL this week because I'm a loser. Lol. I've just been super busy unpacking and organizing and then changing my and reorganizing. Haha.

My diet hasn't been amazing, but I have kept under my calorie goal every single day. I've just been more relaxed with myself and not quite as strict as what I was being. I just want to make sure I allow myself a little bit of the dark side every now and then so that I don't spin out of control and have some kind of crazy binge or something. So Monday was Halloween, and I seriously ate some candy. In fact, I had candy for dinner. Lol. I had chocolate! It was wonderful!! Lol.

I'm still struggling with eating out too much. I really thought with as many times as I ate out and the candy on Monday and then some Rice Krispee Mini's almost every day this week....yea, it was bad. But oh, oh, they were soooo good. Haha. But anyways..I thought this was going to be a zero loss kind of week. Shoot, yesterday for lunch I ate out with my family and I had a chicken strip, mozzarella sticks, a few onion rings and 2 potato skins!

So...needless to say, the scale was a terrifying place to be this morning! But I sucked it up and hopped on there to take my doom! Lol. But oh no, no doom for me! 299.0. What in the world! Three and a half pounds! I seriously thing this super big change up in my diet and exercise has confused the crap out of my body and somehow allowed me to continue losing weight. I have NEVER lost this much weight without exercising. And I really don't expect it to last. So I took my butt to the gym today. And I was super proud of myself for going. I did 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer and I felt GOOD. So I hopped on the treadmill. Bad idea. After 10 minutes my feet were stinging so I got off. And then the torture hit! They were on FIRE! I mean, I haven't felt some pain that fierce in a while.

I had to do my weekly grocery shopping, and I should have gone home and changed shoes, but I didn't. So now I'm sitting here in quite a bit of pain, but it's all good cuz I'm in the 200's!!!!! Lol. 72 pounds gone! Now my next big goal is to hit the 100 pounds lost. :)

I've tried some pretty amazing soup recipes this week. There is a website called Eating Well and they have some really good stuff on there. I made Chicken Chili for the first time. It was super yummy! But it was also SUPER spicy! LOL.

Alright, I've got lots to get done before bed. Y'all have an AMAZING week and make healthier choices! ;)