Monday, November 18, 2013

Days 7 & 8: Oh Cake!

Oh my good gracious. Getting in the habit of writing everyday agin is so hard! Haha. I can't believe I missed again yesterday and almost forgot today!! Things have just been sooooo very hectic. I confirmed two cake orders for a week that I already had one. So I'm going to be SUPER busy for the next few weeks and I'm slightly stressed ;) but I've got this!! Lol. I've never made three cakes in one week so that's more than a little scary. And I'm going to be relying on the mail to get some of the things I need to me on time. That's scary!! 

But I am super blessed to have been givin the opportunity to start making cakes. I've been doing them for two and a half years now and I've learned sooo much!! I've also learned that I don't eat cake hardly ever anymore!! Haha so that's a good thing! 

My eating choices yesterday weren't perfect, but weren't terrible either. Today was pretty darn good until some Halloween candy made it's way in front of me tonight! Shame shame Jessica!! Ha! No I take full responsibility....but I didn't do tooooo bad. I really wish I had my Y membership back!! But we really don't have the money to get it going right now. So I will have to make do. I am approaching my first full week of being on Plexus on Wednesday. So I'll do a weigh in that morning and share te news. Good or bad. I am seriously going to have to force myself to get some cardio in. It's so hard when it's cold because it's literally impossible for me to
Bundle up properly because I can't get coats to fit me properly without spending an arm and a leg. But...I need to quit making excuses huh? 

Well it's late already and I am exhausted. Sleep tight  friends :-)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 5 & 6: Busy Busy

Oh my!! I am finding myself super busy!! BUT I have been doing pretty ok with my food choices. :) I always feel like I can do better, especially if I eat out. But these past two days have been SUPER hectic. Our hot water heater actually wasn't fixed. Yesterday was a pretty sad day...and then we got some great help from some family that was extremely unexpected. So we ended the day with a hot water heater. Woohoo! The guys stayed up working on it way after I went to bed...but I woke up to my washer still in my kitchen! Lol. So I was sure they hit a road block. Sure enough....the had pipe issues under the house. Ugh. Our house is soooooo old and it has pretty much sunk and shifted itself almost all the way to the ground on the side that our pipes are on. So we are currently on Day three with no hot water and I must say...IT SUCKS! Lol

I'm extremely thankful that we have water though. So I'm really not complaining to much ;) We'll survive. But needless to in the kitchen is a little nil right now with a washer and laundry baskets and such in there! 

Well it's super late and after a trip to Cape to get some decor for a baby shower cake and a little bit of other business. Plus I had a great time with my cousin, Jessica, and a couple of my good friends. Btw, I had to change my profile pic to a pic of just me instead myself and my sister because Jessica said that this is my journey to finding "me" haha. I told her I would call her out in my I had to. ;) 

Have a good night! And if you are from the southeast Missouri area, stay safe through these storms tomorrow! They freak me out!! Tornados stay in the sky please!!! 

Good night friends :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 4: Stress?...No NOT ME!

Oh my goodness!!! What a crazy stressful day I've had!! Last night our house seriously came close to catching fire. Ok...maybe not THAT close, but seriously  there was smoke and a horrible burning smell coming from our water heater! So scary! We spent about an hour freaked out and worried that, even though the braker was off, that maybe we misse something or something was going wrong. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of a house fire. There are to many people and fur babies in my house that I care about! Not to mention the memories!

So I started my day thinking my water heater was totally fried. I did some research and found that a replacement was going to tank us at about $300. I don't know about most of you, but that is a LOT of money for my family! So I really started stressing. Then I had a very busy day at work...which is great because it keeps me from wanting to snack all day. But it sure was a LONG day! Haha.

As far as my food choices...I had a GREAT day!! I got up and made a Berry Smoothie for breakfast and had a banana with it. So fruit, fruit, fruit...haha..and I added my Plexus Slim to the smoothie so that added a Cherry flavor and it was really good! I picked up some low calorie frozen dinners at the grocery store last night. So, even though they are supposedly not the best...they help me stay on track and are really convenient. And for dinner I had a chicken salad and a baked potato. So I'm really happy with my choices!
I can't WAIT to weigh-in! I haven't added in any exercise yet, but I really think that with all this extra water, the Plexus, and the healthier eating...I think I'm going to see results anyways. :) I guess we'll see won't we!

So anyways...after work some family came over and we found out that instead of a new water heater for $300 we got to replace about $30 worth of parts!!! Woohoo!! So my day turned out just fine! No reason to stress at all!

Long day...lots of exclamation marks!! Haha....and now I'm exhausted and ready for bed!

Goodnight friends :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 3: No Yo-Yo!

I was thinking last night...I don't want to be that person...
That person that looses weight...and then gains it back, and then looses again...and then gains it back. I have EXTREME respect for those who can be successful after gaining it back. But I don't want to be a Yo-Yo. I want to be that person who gets it off and keeps it off!! I personally know a few people who have done that and they look great!! And those people TOTALLY inspire me!! I want to run 5k's and ride my bike 20 miles and be fit and active. Dang it!!! My heart is totally into only I can get my body to follow along we'll be in BUSINESS!! Haha

So the competition was the very first time I have successfully lost a substantial amount of weight. So I've's ok...I know I can do it...I know how utterly TERRIBLE it feels to gain it all back...And I am going to take complete control so that this doesn't happen again. It can't. Because it takes toooooo much effort to start all over!!! 

I have been overwhelmed ALREADY by how many people are reading my blog! You guys have always surprised me and really pushed me to do my best. :)

Today has been my best 'eating' day so far. I don't have a bunch of healthy food in my house, in fact I have exactly the opposite. So making good choices is definitely a challenge. But, I am slowly integrating the healthy stuff back in. Because, let's face it, I sure can't afford to let the food I already have go to waste. So this past weekend when I was at Sam's Club, I got a big box of Nature Valley protein bars. They have 10 g of protein in them and 190 cal per bar. Although they aren't my favorite, they definitely do the trick for a quick and easy breakfast. Today for lunch I had some leftover Penne with garlic bread. So definitely not the healthiest of choices, but a big improvement, because I would normally be snacking all throughout the day. For dinner I was in Dexter, and I was STARVED, so I stopped at BK and got a salad and chicken sandwich. Again...not the best of decisions, but waaaaay better than previous choices. I feel pretty good about today. If only I had my gym membership and had got some cardio in, that would have been success! 

When I got home from work my Plexus package was here! Woohoo! I opened that puppy up right away and went ahead and drank my first "Pink Drink" haha. And I'm telling you they must have changed some things up since I tried the trial pack! That stuff was yummy!! I bet it would taste amazing in a smoothie!! Lol. 

So it's the end of Day 3 and I'm winding down...I went grocery shopping today so I feel MUCH better about how I'll be eating! Yay! 

Have a good night my friends!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 2:I Can't Wait!

I seriously was crushed that my Plexus shipment didn't come in today. I spent over an hour after work reading testimonial after testimonial of tons of people who have lost weight and had so many other good things happen. I've shared before that I have P.C.O.S. Which causes it to be extremely difficult to become pregnant among other things. It also makes it very hard to lose weight. And I'm reading tons of testimonials from women who have PCOS and are losing weight and some of their other symptoms that I'm not going to go into to much detail about (cause it's embarrassing and kindof yuck to talk about, lol) but those symptoms are decreasing with Plexus too! 

I'm not expecting this little drink mix to do all the work. So don't get me wrong. But I need the help. Someone messaged me yesterday and said some pretty negative things about it and how they hated to see smart people waste money on something to make other people money. I was utterly floored by this comment because I have seen THOUSANDS of people's testimonies of how their whole lives have changed from this one thing! And yes, I personally know some of them. But whatever...there will always be critics...and yes, I've done it without the assistance of anything but sheer will power BUT no one knows HOW HARD I had to work to achieve those results. I was literally having to burn DOUBLE the calories they "say" you have to burn to drop each and every pound (thank you PCOS) so if I can get some help, Please pass it over. Lol. 

So anyways....rant over....maybe. Lol. Today was NOT a healthy day. It started out great and ended awfully. I have decided that I absolutely HAVE to get my Y membership reinstated. I don't like doing anything outside when it's hot or cold. Haha. So that takes out about 10 months living in Southeast Missouri!! That's my personal preference. Anyone can lose weight without a gym. But I definitely have to get more active because my whole body hurts!! I went to a Plexus training session last night and they had these little regular fold out chairs. #1 I felt like a COW in them but I couldn't choose one of the more comfy chairs because they have arm rests and those are a big no no for a girl my size. :-( So anyways, about 30 minutes into this meeting my butt went numb...45 minutes in I started having severe pain in my tailbone area...after shifting and reshifting and twisting and considering leaving. And then looking around for somewhere to stand...and then reshifting...I finally have up and went and stood against a bookcase. So by the time the almost three hour meeting was over, I had pain everywhere. THAT'S insane. And was a pretty big wake up call. 

So needless to say, I'll be calling the gym tomorrow...and hoping the mail lady has a pretty package for me too. :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 1: A New Beginning

Yep, I'm back! It's been over a year! Can you believe that? I sure can't. I also can't believe that I put so much effort into changing my life, just to let it all go to waste. I was reading over some of my old blogs and it was really dissapointing. I worked SO HARD to get the results I did. And I did great. And then a quit. And then I tried really hard to get back at it before it was too late....but it was an endless spiral of food addiction centered ugliness. Fast forward a year and a half and BAM! Here I am...At an all new "highest" point and even more miserable than ever about it. I mean seriously, my feet are down there....but shoo-wee! They are hard to get to.

When I started this blog is was at the beginning of a competition and I was FIRED UP and ready to GO GO GO! Well, I won the competition, inspired many friends, and even a few strangers, to take control of their own lives and get that weight off, and then I lost complete sight of the goal and let myself gain every bit of the weight back PLUS some extra for bonus points. Well I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm SUPER lucky. I don't have diabetes (yet) or high blood pressure (yet) or any serious health concerns related to my obesity (yet)...but it's only a matter of time. And I have come to find out that I have a pinched nerve in my left thigh that is cause by my body is crying out for me to save it and I've done nothing but poison it! Ugh...

So....I needed a game plan. #1 I signed up to sell Plexus. Ha...I know that may sound insane to some people, BUT I can get it at wholesale price and share with others :) PLUS I've seen the testimonies and watched people melt away without doing much beisdes drinking a little pink drink everyday. However, don't get me wrong...that is not All I plan to do. It's just part of my formula. #2 I have to drink water...I hate water...and I don't want to drink it...but it's what all of our bodies need to function properly and Diet Coke or Sprite just isn't giving me the fuel I need. #3 I have to make healthier eating choices #4 I absolutely have to get active. I've been at a desk job for about 15 months now and it has only fueled those fat cells even more. Boo. I do not even have a current gym membership at the this could get tricky with the weather turning off cold. BUT I'm going to take it one day at a time...and I will succeed...right?

I've read about muscle memory and boy am I hoping my body cooperates with that. I have to be super careful not to burn out with over working out, but I have to see results or I get discouraged. My very first goal is to fit Back in to my FAT clothes...yea you read that right. How crazy does that sound. But it's the truth, I'm busting out of my biggest clothes and that has to change or I won't have any clothes to wear!

So say a prayer for me, send me an encouraging note, or just support me...because this is the hardest journey I've ever been on and it is super easy to get discouraged and just quit. And I can't afford to keep quitting. My life may very well depend on it. So hang on and enjoy the ride....