Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Days: 198-213: Changes...

I wrote this on my birthday and forgot to post it! Whoops :-)

So I think I've decided that, at least for now, I'm going to start doing a blog once a week on weigh day. This week has been a crappy week. I haven't been to the gym in too long and making excuses for not going becomes easier and easier. I keep telling myself that I'll ride my bike or go for a walk but in all actuality I end up not working out. And the result of that is that I didn't loose any weight again. I know that I have to get back on a loosing streak and we all know I'm fully capable Of making it happen. But eating healthy is a Very big challenge for me. It always has been. If I stay on healthy foods for a while it does get easier though...and that is what I have to do!

Today is my 29th birthday. A fresh start for me begins tomorrow. I am awesome at having a great eating day...until around 4...then it all goes downhill from there.

I am officially on vacation until next week and after a wedding I'm doing Saturday, I will be headed I the lake with my hubby for five whole days of relaxation and renewal. My goal is to not gain any weight while I'm there. I am currently back up some pounds an not at all thrilled about it. So right now I am at 297. That's 53 pounds down from my start weight. A very big wake up call. So no gaining weight while I'm gone and then it's nose to the grindstone when I return. :-) It will probably be two weeks before I blog again because we've got vacation and then week 1 of my re-start :-) talk to you then!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 197: Weigh Day

Well I told you I would be honest about my weight today, no matter what it was...and it's not pretty. 288. I'm very unhappy with that. These 280's kick my butt! I have completely wasted the last two months away bouncing around in the 280's! And I can tell you right now that I am a determined woman that is going to get the number going down no matter what! Argh!!! I can't believe I have wasted so much time! But this isn't easy...no one who has been successful at losing a large amount of weight would ever tell you that it's easy! So I'm at 62 pounds lost total... Boo!!!!

Ok...I feel better now. :) Today has actually been a pretty good day! I got up early enough to put together a lunch and some snacks for the day and had a nice bowl of Oatmeal with some Turkey bacon for breakfast. Work is always good when I have a shoot...and they are nice...lol. So my day started great because someone I know came in for maternity pics before 11 and we had fun and that settled my stress of having at least one shoot today. I brought a sugar free jello with me (only 10 calories) and had that as a quick snack in the morning and then by the time lunch break came around I was feeling more like a nap instead of lunch! So I decided to eat my turkey and cheese sticks (I roll the turkey around the cheese for a turkey roll-up, lol) and thought I would take a nap and then eat the rest of my lunch when I got up...uh...negative...lol, I slept all the way up to 3:00 and had to rush in because I had someone call-in for a 3:00 earlier...the weird thing was that I really wasn't all that hungry anyways so I wasn't sad about it...

So I guess my body must have known what the night had in store for me! Because last minute, me and Jamie decided to have a date night, which included dinner at Olive Garden. And since I had only eaten a total of 400 calories all day...I had the calories to enjoy dinner and a movie with my hubby. No, eating a large bunch of calories in the latest part of the day is NOT a good idea...but it's better than eating regular all day and then splurging anyways...right? I think so! So I had a really nice date night with my hubby and we strolled around the Mall for a little while...wasted money we probably shouldn't have wasted...and watched my first 3D movie :) It was Men In Black III and I LOVED the movie! The 3D effects were cool, but I think they are WAY better in cartoon style movies, because we saw previews for madagascar 3 and it looked AWESOME! I haven't watched a cartoon movie in years, but that preview made me want to watch it! LOL

Ok, it's insanely late and I'm exhausted, so I better shut up for now ;)
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 196: Downhill Finally!

I finally feel like I'm going back down the hill from sickness and going towards recovery...although if I were writing this blog this morning, I would have said something entirely different! I woke up around 8:00 do miserable and still fighting a sinus migraine, that I took a double dose of Ibruprofen and went back to sleep! Now keep in mind that I have to leave for work by 9:45 at the latest, to stroll in to the studio right at 10, so unusually aim for 9:40 to be safe.... Well I finally started my day at 9:25!! So it was rush to throw my clothes on and throw the hair in a ponytail and just as I finished pinning up all the lose strands I looked down and realized my shirt was INSIDE OUT! Whoops! I'm definitely glad I didn't leave for work like that!! Haha

Today was one of my hungry days...which always seems to happen when I've veered in the wrong direction and am trying to get back on track. The difference is that I actually ate healthy all day!!! Yay me!!! I didn't pre-plan and bring my lunch...which is always a step in the wrong direction for me. So that meant buying single portion things which costs a ton! I spent around $15 today on food!! Wow! So after work it was very important to go grocery shopping do I could restock the fridge with healthy foods!

The only problem with eating healthy is that most of what I Should be eating iS food that goes bad pretty quick. And I have this insane skill at overbuying healthy foods to the point that I ended up throwing a LOT of it away! Bad! Plus I'll get lazy and not cook the healthy stuff and just heat up a Lean Cuisine TV dinner or something easy. So I've GOT to quit doing that! Old habits die hard, but I can do this! And I think that if I can get into the habit of pre-portioning again...I'll do much better!!

I spent a good hour and a half when I got home from grocery shopping cleaning out my fridge and rearranging it. And then I got a few organization aids for my cake stuff and got caught up with that and I ended up not getting my dinner until 9:30!! Wow!

Time to chill out for a bit!
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 195: Sicker than a dog!

I don't know why people say they're sick as a dog...but whatever the reason...I feel sicker. Lol. This sinus infection is kicking my tail!! And my problem with being sick is that I eat crap. Ok not literally, but I always have to rack my mind to find anything at all that sounds good enough to eat! I had lunch with my sis at the Mexican restaurant so for dinner I should have just come home and ate some chicken noodle soup...but that didn't sound good! So instead I walked the isles of the grocery side of Walmart after work searching for something that sounded good...I ended up getting some Garlic Herb Flipsides with Spray cheese. BAD choice...but that is the ONLY thing in the whole store that sounded good.

I got out to my car and was sitting in my car and started to freak out because I thought I had left my keys in the studio and I felt to awful to waddle back in after them. Then it hit me...duh ding dong...how could I have gotten INTO the car without my keys...and lo and behold they were sitting in the ignition. Lol. I don't remember putting them there! Haha

So as I'm leaving the parking lot I impulsively decide that the crackers and cheese don't sound good anymore...I need something different. And I decided that a chili cheese coney and ice cream from Sonic is what sounded good. Errr....NOPE. I bought it and made it through less than half...and now I have wasted food. Oh well! It was NO good for me anyways! I shouldn't be eating junk at all. Let alone twice in one day!

So there you have it. I'm struggling like crazy to get back on track. And being sick is not helping in the slightest bit. And I'm feeling it extra tonight. I've been laying here on my couch for a few hours and don't appear to be going anywhere tonight! Goodnight!
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Days 181-194: I'm Back!

Ok, I know you have all missed me! Ok maybe you haven't...but I've missed blabbing about all of my wonderful little ramblings...lol!

These past few weeks have definitely been insane! The supposed abscess actually turned out to be a Brown Recluse bite that got pretty bad. I was treating it exactly as the doctor had instructed me to do but it kept getting worse and worse and the pain intensified dramatically. The bite was located really high on my upper thigh do every time I stood, sit, kneaded, leaned, or even wiggled to much, I was in severe pain. I ended up having to have it lance and drained and after a week of going in and getting the wound packed every day, it was looking a LOT better!

I missed way more work than I would have liked to, and used a lot of my PTO :( But I was Very Thankful that the PTO was there to use! And thanks to the combination of antibiotic and pain pills, my stomach did some crazy things. I was skipping meals (which always causes me to gain weight) and when I was hungry it was something really salty or really sweet that I craved. And so, of course, I damaged an already sensitive psyche and just ate whatever I craved. Needless to say, I am terrified to get on the scale. Today is Saturday, so my plan is today I'm back on the wagon...eating right, no excuses...and I will keep going in that direction. And then I will weigh in on Tuesday and tell you where I'm at. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be pretty, but I mean...let's be honest here...if the journey to successful Weight Loss was easy...EVERYONE would be of a normal healthy weight and we all know that's definitely NOT the case.

I don't remember if I ever shared with you all that I got a bike...but I did. About a month ago. And until te day before yesterday...it's been sitting in my living room while I admire it & I've been to afraid to get on it. I don't know what exactly I was afraid of...afraid of falling off...afraid of someone seeing me on it and making a snide comment...afraid I was just to fat to do it...I dunno, but SOMETHING was keeping me off. Maybe a little bit of all of that. But I did it! I got on my bike and rode it around our little community with my hubby. And I only made it three quarters of a mile before I was winded and my leg was hurting where the bite is. I was VERY surprised to be so winded after such a short bike ride! I mean I go to spinning class and go 10-15 miles or even more sometimes. Yes, I know it's been a little but since I've been to a spinning class but not THAT long. So that leaves me wondering if I'm really THAT out of shape again already...or maybe my body is still recovering from all of the abuse! Haha.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 178, 179, & 180: MIA

Really sorry to all of my readers that I've missed so many days. I have a severe abscess on my upper thigh and I am MISERABLE because of it. I have pretty much been miserable and running a fever.

So hopefully I will be able to share a real blog tomorrow. :)

<3 Honor

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 177: Weigh Day-Saw it coming

Yea...I wasn't to surprised to see no weight loss on the scale this morning. Frustrated, yes...but not surprised. I did a WHOLE lot better on my food choices this week. But as I've said before...I have to put in the Cardio to see real results. I did good yesterday, getting my fee wet in the gym. I did 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer, and I still have enough energy to do more, but I went to bible study.

This morning after getting on the scale, I just wasn't hungry. It hurt my feelins. And I have a general rule that I will eat within 1 hour of getting up to keep my metabolism on the right track during the day, plus I try to eat about every three hours or so. Even if it's jut a small piece of fruit or something. But I didn't even realize I hadn't eaten until I got the hunger pang at noon! Whoops! So I had the banana that I brought with me.

I guess I was vulnerable, I don't know, but I brought a nice healthy lunch (fueled by weigh in blues) and then a friend of mine stops by and asks if I would go eat Mexican for lunch. First I said no...but I ended up going :( and I hate it! But the guilt got to me bad enough that I really pounded it out in the gym! I did 17 minutes on the Elipticle and an hour of Zumba. That was the biggest workout I've had in a while! An afterwards I was tired...but really proud of myself!! So this week is going to be a good week. I sure hope so anyways :-)

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 176: Thankful for nice People!

Well I expected today to be full of the same old same old but it actually wasn't to bad! Well it was definitely hectic for a while, but hectic is better than bore out of my mind :) Plus, I made my sits and sales goal for work before lunch! So that made for a stress free afternoon. I had two really sweet sisters do walkins before lunch and they both had little babies that did good for me so I went to lunch a happy camper. Poor Ariel isn't having as good of a day as me, but I'm sure it will all work out. :)

I've been doing really good about packing my lunches so that I'm sure I have good healthy food to eat. Plus I like being able to 'look forward' to what I've brought. :-) today it was turkey and cheese roll-ups, celery with peanut butter(just a hint for flavor) baby carrots, & cantelope. Yum! And then I had the afternoon ahead of me. Four more hours of work...not bad. I ha another nice lady with cute kids, so the afternoon went pretty well too! Yay! I had a crazy few hours after work because I had to grab a sub for dinner, then go get a little workout at the gym, and then head to bible study (better late than never) and got home around 10:30. The problem with all of that is that I ate dinner earlier than usual and ended up snacking on some not so healthy choices. Not terrible, but could have been better. I know that's on me, but it's HARD. Part of it is that I've been brow-beating myself all day because the sale has not been kind to me this week. It hasn't budged one but. But we'll see what happens tomorrow. If I believed in the magic 8-ball I think it would tell me, "Outlook not good" lol. Oh well...I'm fired up for next week!
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 175: Seems Important...

Lol as my title would suggest...Day 175 sounds like a big deal!! But the big deal to me is that I haven't progressed worth crap in about 50 days! I know I got hurt, but dang! That's a hard pill to swallow. And although I've been making much better eating choices this week, I have not found the time to get much cardio in. :( So the scale has had nothing nice to say to me. Boo.

I have to just MAKE the time. It's only 9:30 and I've already had dinner a little bit ago, so I'm thinking about doing a little laundry to add a little more time between dinner and bed, and then going to bed early and heading to the gym in the morning. I can do this! There is no reason why I can't!

Today was a good food day! I got up and had my oatmeal and a mango for breakfast...it was my first experience in cutting up a fresh mango and it was good! Before I went to work I had a veggie and fruit lunch. Lol. Added a little peanut butter for protein. And then after work I had some Doc's chili in the freezer already all proportioned so I threw it in the microwave for an easy dinner :-) and now I'm on the couch lazily watching tv instead of doing anything important!

So I'm off to do laundry...maybe. Haha
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 174: She works Hard for the Money

Ok...sometimes I really do work hard for the money I make! Lol. When I have a two year old in the studio that is not about to do anything that isn't his idea! Thank goodness my first appointment of the day was the only one for a few hours! Because I used it all up! It typically takes me about fifteen minutes to capture 9-12 super cute poses that will have the parents overjoyed when they start to order pics. And then there's two year olds, almost two year olds, and three year olds that are still acting like they're two! Haha. And that's exactly what my first session was. A terrible two year old. Lol. He was super cute and insanely smart!! And his parents were obviously very good with him, but no matter how good the parent...those terrible twi's can beat ya. And I spent over an HOUR getting some sellable images of that kiddo! But the parents were awesome, because they blame me sometimes for their children's behaviors and I hate that! I was worried that I would be starving by the time I got done with them because I was running late this morning and only managed to grab a banana and a V8 Fusion+Energy drink. I don't know of they really give me any energy or not but I love them because it's 50 calories of YUM and has a serving of fruit and veggies in it!

I've been trying really hard to cut out my morning snack to try to save more calories for later in the day since I seem to screw up so much later in the day. I did great yesterday...until I had a blizzard AFTER eating Mexican with my sis. Eating out is BAAAAF for me! And I've just really got to quit!

I made it to lunch today and then I pigged out (on healthy stuff) I had 440 calories worth of veggies, fruit, a little deli turkey, and a yogurt. And I Barely was able to eat the yogurt! Lol. But if I hadn't eaten it it would have spoiled and plus, I really needed the probiotics in the yogurt. So next time I'll have to leave something out! It's always jars for me to get all of my veggies in. I'm just not a fan of hardly any veggies! Brocolli, baby carrots, green beans and tomatoes that's it. I can sneak some celery in there occasionally with some veggie dip, and lettuce on a sandwich. But that is definitely one of my toughest food obstacles.

After work I did a little shopping with my hubby and came home to fix dinner and thanks to having to shop, I ate at 9:30! Wow! See why I stay up so late! I watched a little tv and now here it is midnight and I'm ready to go out for the night! Lol.
Hasta Lavista! Baby. Hehe
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 173: It's gonna be loooong

Yep. I've decided it's going to be a very long week. I worked shorter shifts earlier this week and have shorter ones later next week. So that means the next five days I'm working a lot of hours and I'm not excited about it. :( And today was the starter that got me into that frame of mind. Work is dead at the moment. I don't know why, but it is. And I've got news for the people who run my company...I can't force people to get pics taken.

The afternoon went way better than the morning because I had a really sweet girl being her baby in and she was six months old and had just gotten her home from the hospital for the first time. She was born with her intestines in the outside of her body and she was super sweet and so thankful to have her baby girl. It was contagious! So that made my evening go a lot better :) plus I had some nice talks with Ariel who was working in the Cape studio yesterday, so that helped the time go by.

After work I went to eat with my sister. It was great to catch up! Our schedules conflict a lot now with her new job, so I rarely see her during the week, and I'm used to seeing her a LOT during the week. It's definitely a change. And I'm not adjusting well to it! Lol.

I didn't get home until after ten, so I did a little bit of dishes, and watched a little tv and then I was down for the count! Lol. Somehow I still didn't get to bed until after midnight though...I've got to figure out how to fix that! Lok

Good night!
<3 Honor

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 171 & 172: Why Do I Let It Get Me?

You know, for some reason I let my days off be the hardest for me these days...I used to consider them the EASIEST! I mean, I have more time for the gym...which is of the utmost importance for my weight loss..but wait...I DIDN'T EVEN GO TO THE GYM!!  Seriously?! I LOVE the gym!! I've just fallen out of the habit of going...I make excuses like: I'll be doing so much today that I'll burn the calories I need to, or I'll get to worn out and not be able to do the stuff at home that I need to..well guess what I did today...NOTHING! I was in a lazy, fat girl FUNK and accomplished zilch!  So here it is after 10pm at night, and I mad at myself, feeling like I let myself down again, and I know I have a crazy busy work weekend ahead of me, so I'm not going to get any working out in this weekend either...so guess what that will mean on the scale? ARGH!!!!

I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but I've GOT to do something...even if it's a ton of jumping jacks and running in place at work! LOL, I always tell myself I can do that kind of stuff at work, but I never do. And I don't know what the mind game is, but if I don't workout...my eating sucks too! What kind of sense does THAT make? I can tell you exactly what it is though: If I work out, I'm tired and worn out and not ABOUT to waste all that effort I put in to the workout! Lol....so I have GOT to get it together.

I absolutely HATE feeling like a failure, and lately, even though I've lost nearly 70 pounds in less than 6 months, I still feel that way, because I've absolutely wasted the past four weeks. And I fell out of routine, I didn't give up...but I came close enough, and I refuse to go back to the way things were. I was miserable, my marriage suffered, my faith suffered, my career...everything...and I can NOT go back to that...

I know this is a totally unhealthy thought: but I have to share...just in case someone else is feeling this...at the end of the day...when I've make poor eating choices, or just eaten to much of the healthy stuff even...I have had this sickening and terrifying thought that I wish I could just puke all those bad choices up. Problem solved right? WRONG! I can't believe I have even let my brain go there! THAT is not a fix to any problem, in fact, it's just a NEW one that's far more likely to cause serious damage than a bad day is. I have got to get to the bottom of my food addiction issues and figure out how to help myself. I don't know why I eat and eat and eat...even when I'm not hungry, but I'll succumb to cravings because I just can't seem to shake them unless I give my body what it's asking for. So many people say: If you're craving sweets eat some fruit or all sorts of other craving solutions. That doesn't work for me. If I crave something...it's specific...and the craving doesn't go away until I have it...and I can't seem to have just a bit or only have it every now and then. If  I crave a strawberry cheesequake blizzard from DQ, then a 150 calorie cone at McDonald's is not going to get rid of that craving...so I have to find a way to overcome my cravings...and it SUCKS!

Ok, I think I'm done ranting for a short time. :)
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 170: Weigh Day...

Ok, so now that it's the end of the week I will tell you all what has been going on...it's hard to share hen you are failing WHILE you are still failing. Which, I'm sure it's been pretty noticeable, but here goes.

It's been almost four weeks since my knee injury. And as far as real exercise goes, I've done a total of one hour of Zumba (30 minutes at the Relay, an made it through 30 minutes two weeks ago before the pain set in) and that's about it up until this week. Plus, my eating choices have been crap. I was up by 8 pounds!! How disgusting! I know I had an injury, but dang. Ad every time I would get in the scale I would get more and more depressed about it and wonder if I was ever going to get back on track 100%. I hadn't completely let go, but I just can't anymore. But, I fell in to some old patterns and hid behind a bum knee.

My knee is better. But it still hurts. And it may stay that way. But I've GOT o find a way to make this happen around the knee pain. And when I got on the scale, my change in attitude had definitely paid off. I lost half of the 8! 4 pounds down this week!

And I'm PRAYING the other 4 goes next week. I know that's a big expectation, but I've GOT to get headed back in the right direction. And the eating is soooooo hard for me. I have to have such a vigorous workout schedule because I'm constantly screwing up on my food. Which is something I'm definite trying to work on. I don't have time to workout 10-12 hours a week and keep up with my position at work, church and activities with church, and my cake orders, and the housework. It's just to much. So, I've GOT to make better eating choices and really stick with it. I've been doing really good this last week.

Let's see how good this week can go :)
<3 Honor

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 169: Mowing x 1000!

Well today was a short day at work. I only had to work 4 hours. So when I got up I had already decided that I was going to have a good day. Ten I went to work....lol

It was the LONGEST four hours EVER! Haha. I got a call from our Tech people and he was helping work out some issues with my computer and I brought up a problem I was having with my printer which turned out to be a cord that had to be replaced. I had a replacement, so it was up to me to change it. The only problem is that the original cord is run up a wall, through the ceiling, and then back down through another wall. I have no tools nor experience to make that happen. So the cord is now ran straight through the middle of my studio! Boo on that!

After I finally got off of work I went to the gym and did 15 minutes on the Arc Trainer. It's not much, but it's a re-start. I didn't want to overdo it with my knee because I knew I was about to be headed home to mow the yard, and I needed to save enough energy for that! I mowed for 90 minutes and burned just over 1000 calories! That's some good stuff right there! After Jamie and I finished up the yard (he used the rider in the back while I pushed the front and sides) and we got everything all picked up, then I had to come in and relax for a bit, because my whole body was humming from the vibration of the mower! Lol!

We ended up fixing and easy dinner and cuddling up on the couch to watch movies. :) It was a very good night. And for once, I didn't feel like a slacker for watching TV because I felt like I earned the right! Lol

I wanted to say thank you for all of you very wonderful words of encouragement following my blog yesterday. Some of you private messages and some on my blog. I appreciated every single one of them. And some of them made me cry! Lol.

Thank you for being there for me!
<3 Honor

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 168:Mother's Day Blues

I love my momma. She underestimates herself and has no idea how good of a mother she really is. She raised my sister and I all by herself until I was 11 and taught us so many valuable lessons. My mom is the most honest person I know. She wouldn't even fib to a friend if we were fighting and I asked her to tell them I was asleep or something!

I went to church with mom and dad this morning and then my sister and I went to get something to eat and brought it to their house because dad can't really eat hardly at all anymore so that was a way we could all eat together. My daddy's health isn't only taking a toll on him, but it's really taken a toll on my momma. I hate that. It's hard enough to see one of them sick. But both is almost more than I can handle.

I stayed busy with my family until I was on my way to work a little before three. And on my way to work I had to much time to think and let my emotions take over. Mother's Day is always really hard for me. It's like a big fat notification that I'm still not a mother. Which is one thing I think I want more than anything else. Not to mention I know it's what my hubby wants and my momma is dying to have a grand baby. :( So its the day that I feel more like a failure than any other day of the year. On one hand I tell myself that it's not my fault I have infertility issues. And on the other hand I KNOW that the type of infertility that I have can be greatly impacted by weightloss and for the past 9 years I've done nothing but Gain weight. So yea, it's my fault. And it hurts. And I hate it. I was in my studio alone because my first appointment didn't show up. And my emotions were spilling over just as someone really special to me walked up. Apparently my emotions were written all over my face, because all she had to do was say, "What's wrong?" and I just lost it. She was there at the EXACT moment that I needed her and I know that was a God thing. Because I just needed to let it out to someone who would understand my craziness and know just what to say. And she was the perfect person for the job.

So I've got to let my Hurt in this situation fuel me for the next six months or so because that's how long I have to stay on birth control(I know it's dumb, but that's just how it is when you have PCOS) and then hopefully I'll be all straightened out (and much thinner) and able to start Really planning for a pregnancy. I'm terrified that it won't work. But my doctor seems to be very positive. So I'm going to go with that. But that means I have to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize. And today, even though we had Mexican, I stayed well within my calorie goal. And I'm going to keep doing that.

Every day...

No excuses...

So if you hear me start making excuses again you better call me out on it! Lol. I don't have any more time to waste with excuses.

Thank you for supporting me :)
<3 Honor

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 167: Family

I watched the Biggest Loser finale last night and I'm always amazed at how gorgeous these people look in the end! I know there were a whole lot of people that hated Conda this season, but to me, she came in there with an attitude. Ok...we all have our moments. But I really think she did a lot of changing through the season. And she looked beautiful at the finale. They all did. It always makes me yearn to try to get on the show. Lol. But that's just not in this sisters cards. We have to have my income to pay our bills. I know how to lose it. I just do so well in a competition atmosphere and they teach you so much about keeping it off that is invaluable information.

I had a really good day today. I only had to work for 4 hours and then I got to go hang out with some of my cousins for their birthday BBQ. It was nice to spend a Saturday evening hanging out with family and enjoying their company. I wish we had the opportunity to do it more often!

I'm going to bed early tonight because I'm really tired. Lol.
<3 Honor

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 166: I knew I had it in there!

Today has been a good one. I actually got up and packed my lunch, which makes me feel good, because then its just easier to make healthier choices because it's all right there for me. I bought these wraps made by Flat Out and they are 100 calories per wrap and not to bad! I can't seem to find anything yummy and low cal to put on my wraps though. I'm going to look up some stuff and see if I can come up with anything and if I do I'll be sure to share. :)

Work actually seemed to fly by today. I got to take pictures of a friends beautiful almost four year old baby and she did fabulous! And then one of my girls that work for me came in and did family pics that turned out really great! And I got a SUPER cute maternity pic of her with her hubby. :-)) the rest of the day went by pretty quick! And thank goodness it did, because I was there for 10 hours! I did so great on my food until after work :( I went grocery shopping and got some really good stuff. I even found a ranch 2 calorie spray! I will be trying that out tomorrow.

But then I was super hungry and lost my stinking mind long enough to convince myself into going through a drive thru. :( and I felt AWFUL afterward...so why did I give in?? I don't know! I felt down right stupid afterward. Why spend so much effort all day to do good just to spoil it in the end. I CAN do this!

I got a bike today. See I made so many good decisions today. But dinner was my downfall. BOO!! Tomorrow will be better because I made it all the way to 9:00 tonight without messing up. And tomorrow I will make it ALL day! Bet!!
(pray for me, lol, no but really!) :-)) You know I love you guys :-)

I only have to work 4 hours tomorrow! I'm so excited about that! Then I get to
go to a birthday party for my cousin Jessica and her hubby. Woohoo. :-) then I think I'm gonna have to do some prep work for two cakes that I have to make this week. A safari baby shower and a graduation cake. :)

<3 Honor

Day 164 & 165: My Baby :(

Well it's been a crazy two days that have been busy and of course I didn't get nearly half of what I wanted to get done on my days off. :(

Yesterday morning my day started out awful. I opened my front door to find my 7 month old kitty all mangled up and looking like a wild boar took a swing at him. We went to the vet to see if he could be saved and found out that he had a broken jaw and paralysis in his leg. The jaw required surgery which they did yesterday evening and the leg is a nerve that may heal and restore feeling or may be severed and leave him paralyzed on the leg forever. Only time will tell. It broke my heart. He is my baby because a little girl found him in a ditch and brought him to my front door at about three weeks old and I nursed him with a bottle until he could eat. I am his momma in the only way he knows. And he stayed in the house until I found out that he was refusing to use the litter box with my other two cats. So I ended up putting them all out when it warmed up. He loved it outside so he adjusted better than the other two. I'm just really sad that this happened. The vet said that he was definitely hit by a car.

So besides all of THAT drama, I also had a cake to make for my little cousins and I'm really happy with the way it turned out! It was really cute!

The birthday party turned out great, but I'm pretty sure I did nothing but damage to my food intake. I don't know what my deal is. I was watching The Biggest Loser tonight, which always gets me fired up, and thinking why can't I get my crap together. I'm strong! I know EXACTLY what it takes...get to it woman!! Lol

Goodnight! Talk to you all tomorrow...
<3 Honor

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 163: Peeping Tom

Ok, call me a peeping Tom if you must. Lol. But I was checking out my stats on here, which I haven't done in a while and I saw that I'm still averaging around 45 readers a day! Wow that's a LOT! To me it is anyways. Haha. I thought surely some of you MUST be getting sick of hearing me babble by now! And who knows...maybe some have, and they've just been replaced by new readers. :-) In any case, I'm glad you're here. Even if I don't see you or know who most of you are, knowing that you are counting on me to share my day, my successes and my failures...that fuels me, and keeps me moving forward.

I've been watching this seasons Biggest Loser and I'm about half way through the season so far and it really gets my fire burning! I am IN THIS and need to step off of the excuse train. I I WILL be sharing my weight next Tuesday...good or bad...and I WILL get this train moving in the right direction again. Period. I know I keep saying that. But my fire hasn't burnt out people!!

I'll talk more tomorrow. Lol
<3 Honor

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 162: Funky Cake

Today was a short day at work. I can honestly say that I didn't accomplish much at work because one of my girls came in to pick up her pics and she just came home from being out of town for a long weekend and sober spent a little time visiting and then a little later my cousin came by and we ended up talking about her world and life and a lot of stuff and we ended up going to eat after I got off and finishing our conversation and just had a good visit. Then I came home and helped my honey put a desk together for his momma. THAT was a challenge. Lol. We always seem to have blond moments when we put things together.

Afterward, we went to bible study, together...that was a nice change. I was very proud of him because he behaved himself. :) Mostly. Lol. Our small group was definitely small tonight. If we hadn't had visitors from another group it would have been tiny! Of course that's what happens when 3 couples are out for different reasons. Lol. But we still had a good bible study. I really enjoyed it and if course I enjoyed the company. :)

Now I'm home and it's late and I'm going to stay up even later because I have some cakes in the oven for my cousins kiddos birthday party. It's going to be so cute! I'm doing a two tier and the bottom tier is white cake that I dyed three different colors and out into the baking pan all funky so it's going to be very cool looking. I'll attach a pic of the batter before I cooked them. :)

Good night!
<3 Honor

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 161: Ants in Your Pants

Today was a 10-7 work day that went pretty steady. I went to my sisters place for lunch and had nearly the same thing as yesterday. Lol. The company is nice. And I can only do that on the weekends because she will usually work past 2 during the week. So I just had to take advantage while I could!

Work was very uneventful except that my very good friend Olivia came to pick up pictures of her family so I got to see her for 5 whole minutes! Darn being busy! Lol. This woman is disappearing on me! She's lost nearly 50 pounds and was much smaller than I am when she started so she's almost to her goal weight and looking FANTASTIC! I have to admit that I'm jealous! Lol. I know that I will get there one day, but it's going to take me longer. That's just the reality of my situation.

The number one priority it me right now is getting cardio back into my routine! I have to have it to lose weight. My body won't let go of my fat unless I do. Part of it is due to the fact that I can't seem to be 'strict' enough on what I eat. No matter how hard I try, it seems that every day I do something that isn't acceptable, as far as food choices go, in my rule book. So I have to exercise. A lot. I HAVE to get the scale going down again. It seems I am plateaued and I'm super mad about it. On the other hand, my knee is really feeling better, so I'm going to hit the gym for a bit tomorrow and see what I can do and PRAY that it doesn't hurt!

My cousin has two kids that have birthdays just a few days apart in the beginning of May, so I am helping her throw a Luau Birthday party for them and, of course, make a cake. :-) I got some cute little hula dancers and a couple of other figurines for the cake and I'll be putting it together this week. Fun stuff!

So my title says Ants in Your pants and that's because that's how I feel right now. Jamie and I have decided that we want to move into town. I hate the 15 minute drive to town because I spend so much time IN town and it's insanely inconvenient to live out of town. Plus our electric bill just eats its alive!! But we have every intention of doing it the 'right' way. That means saving up plenty of money for a deposit and first months rent. Plus I want to be able to use a Uhaul so that it's easier. I don't know how long it will be but I have been thinking about it non-stop!! Lol.

Have a good night!
<3 Honor

Day 160: Humbled

Today was a good day. I state relatively busy at work, so the day didn't drag. I went to have lunch at my sister's house and since she is off on the weekends now, she already had my lunch in the microwave when I got there. :-) I could get used to that! I had a Healthy Choice Steamer and some multi-grain Pringles with a yogurt. Yum! And one of the reasons I went to her house is because I totally forgot to make the food I said I would or our church dinner tonight *Sponsered by our small group* so it was pretty important that I bring what I said I would! Lol. So she came to the store before my lunch and helped me get the ingredients I needed for Broccoli Cauliflower Salad mmmmMmmm!!!! Lol. And I made it on my lunch break. :-)

Then I only had a few hours of work left before I headed to church. I haven't been on a Saturday night in a while and I absolutely LOVE my Saturday night Worship! So the reason we were having a dinner was as a thank you to some men who are incarcerated in the Chaffee jail. Yep. You heard me right. The Chief of police over there comes to Terra Nova and he has been bringing 6 men to the church once or twice a week for a while now and they have been doing the construction of our church! (It's an old skating rink that we are remodeling and it was a dilapidated mess a year ago and it has come a LONG way in a year) they are not forced to come, but they do, and they have put a lot of hard work into our church and never even been to a service! So we got it arranged so that they could come I
Church and their families were invited and we had a thank you dinner afterward. Four of the men came. These are men who have had Jesus poured into them during this construction process and they have learned a lot. And at the end of the service ever single one of them want forward to start a journey of life change. It was AMAZING! My sister and with me and we were both overwhelmed by emotion. I mean, we all sin, we all have done bad things, and some of us have done things that could land us right there next to those men had we gotten caught. So it was definitely a humbling experience that left me shaken and craving a closer relationship with God even more!!

On another note: I didn't do to bad on my calories! Lol. I had some good food and stuck right around 1800 for the day. I'm not sad about that!

I'm exhausted and have a million things to do that I won't get done. Lol. So night night!
<3 Honor

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 159: The Greek is NOT on my side! Lol

Today was better. I set out with a determined mine and a busy day. I worked all day so that keep me busy. I had a granola bar for breakfast, I know I should be having some oatmeal or something like an egg white scramble, but most mornings that's just not practical for me. As I've said before, I'm not an early riser.

So I had my Nature's Valley granola bar, which I used to think wasn't filling at all, but if you wait 15 minutes after you eat, you'll realize that you're not hungry anymore! Besides the fact that I'm usually not really hungry for breakfast in the first place.

They have these new chips called Chip-Ins that are made out of popcorn and I LOVE them. I can't buy them very often, because I usually eat way to many. But I did good today.

For lunch I had a 270 calorie Premade chef salad and I decided to try Greek yogurt. Epic Fail. Lol. I got this kind that had strawberry flavoring in it and got a banana thinking I could mix it together and it would be super yummy. Uh...negative....it tasted more like sour cream with strawberries and bananas added! Yuck! Lol. But I ate it like a good little girl.

For dinner, one of my cousins and her hubby, and their super cute baby, and my sis all went to the China Buffet. I do alright there usually because they have the grill where you can have them cook fresh for you and I always do that. But I did have some butter pecan ice cream and a little bit of cheesecake. Ahhhh. Haha, but I had the calories left, so no shame here.

All in all, I feel like the day was a success. No exercise, because it was a 10 hour work day and after dinner I had a cake to finish, which turned out beautiful. So I'm happy. :-)

Have a great day tomorrow!
<3 Honor

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 157 & 158:No More Excuses

Well yesterday I went on a nature walk with a friend of mine and it was really nice. And then I went and had WAAAAAAAAY toast calories at Denny's. I was very disappointed in myself afterwards. And then today I made some homage muffins and those weren't to bad on calories, but I let Jamie talk me into Pizza for lunch and I had Ramen Noodles in the afternoon. GOSH!! Why is it that it's so hard to make good food choices!! I've been doing this rodeo since late November, I know that I can do it...yet I keep failing over and over again!

Food has always been my thorn. And with my knee being injured so that I can't burn calories the way I need to I'm going the wrong way to easily. It's very frustrating! I need my knee to get better and stay that way. It makes me crazy how easily a pound comes in when it is so HARD to take off!

I need a competition to enter. Lol. It seems to make things so much easier! But no, that's exactly why I have to do it on my own. Because I have to learn how to do it without having someone or something else drive me. I never expected it to be this much harder after the competition, but the truth is, I am failing. And I hate it! I do really great in the morning and afternoon and then by early evening I start craving and snacking and I blow it.

I pray that I can do what I need to do to see that number start to go down again. I am NOT happy with where I am, and to reach the goals I have set for myself I have GOT to get into gear.

I think I will adopt the Biggest Loser Mantra from the season that just ended. No Excuses. I make them one after another. Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to embrace it and make it count. I have to. Because I can't be stuck in this body.

Good night friends say a prayer for me if you will :-)
<3 Honor

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 156: Something New

I tried something new today. You have to understand that I go in to work at 10. So I usually stay up until midnight or later (usually aim for midnight) and get up around 9 o get ready for work. So my schedule is a little different from most people. I usually work until 7 or 8, and then if I go to the gym before I come home I get home around 9 or 9:30 and then I eat dinner....then I need to be up for 2 hours after I eat...it's midnight...see...I can't hardly change that. It's just the way my schedule goes. But even if I make it to bed at midnight I get up at 9 that's 9 hours of sleep...if I go to bed at 11...I still get up at 9...that's 10, and I'm thinking more than my body needs...but I CRAVE sleep! It's doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I just can't seem to get up before 9, and it's honestly usually closer to 9:30, then I end up running around like a chicken with my head cut off and not getting to sit down and eat breakfast. What a mess!

So I did it all different today. I took a shower last night. And then I went to sleep way later than usual...so I was afraid that might screw my plan up. But I usually wake up naturally between 8 and 8:15. I dot know if it's the sunlight coming in through the windows or what, but recently I've been like that almost every day. And I did today too! But instead of rolling over and catching another hour or so of sleep I went ahead and got up. I took care of my animals, had a time for bible study, made myself an omelet/scramble for breakfast AND packed my lunch...of course I was running a little late by the time all was said and done, but hey, one thing at a time!! Lol.

So I should be weighing in this morning, especially since I didn't do it last Tuesday...but it's not good. My ankles are swollen, I've been sick for nearly the past two weeks, which oddly for me means I gained weight, and things just aren't pretty. But I am back on the bandwagon. For real. I've wasted to much time per the last month and haven't seen nearly the results I anticipated before hand. No more excuses. Ok, well maybe a few, but time to get back on teach 100%.

Maybe I need to push mow my yard. Lol. That burns some serious calories! We actually have to push mow because we don't have a rider, but I like talking my hubby into it because he needs the exercise! Lol!!

After work I went to the gym and did Zumba for the first time in two weeks. I was really scared. I went in to it telling myself that I was going to be careful and not push to hard just to test the waters. About 15 minutes in, my knee started bothering me. I pushed through to 30 minutes and then decided I better call it a day for today. Now that I'm home my knee is still bothering me, but not really super bad. I've got to get this knee back in to shape!

I think I have sit here and watch two or three Biggest Loser episodes and now it's nearly 1:00 in the morning and I'm thinking I should have already been in bed! Lol. Jamie and I are planning to go to this place tomorrow that I've never been to that has a boardwalk and fishing. I'm going for the scenery and to take pictures. Jamie is going to fish! Lol! I'm ready to go! But right now, I'm exhausted!

Good night!
<3 Honor

Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 155: Interesting...

Well today has been interesting. I went to work and a little free I had been there I got a call from my DM letting me know that two of the top people in our company submitted their resignations today. I don't know what that means as of yet, but of course my company has been struggling financially to meet its goals and expectations because nearly every large corporation in the nation has been struggling and many folding Orr the past few years. And I'll be the first to admit that it freaks me out! I don't know what I would do if this wasn't my job. My whole world would change. I've threatened to find something else before, but I always end up back at the basics. I have a really nice schedule flexibly that I would lose, I get 21 paid days off a year that I have earned from working here for so long, and I love what I do 85% of the time.

After work I went to the gym for a little bit. I haven't been there in a whole because I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and of course my knee has been a big concern for nearly two weeks now. It's really weird...some days (like today) I have very little knee pain, and then on others it's nearly unbearable. All I know is that I can't lose weight of I don't exercise. I am not good enough with my diet to lose on diet alone, not to mention the fact that I don't even know if that's possible for me since it's so hard to get the weight off in the first place! Lol.

After my short stop at the gym I headed to small group bible study. We had baked potatoes for dinner, so I kept pretty low on my calories today so that I wouldn't blow them out of the water tonight. And all in all I think I did really well with that!

I think I mentioned before that we started a new bible study called 40 Days in The Word. If I didn't then I did now! Haha. And I have to say...I'm really enjoying it!! It's a study that's helps you learn to read AND study the bible and the man who put it together very obviously knows his stuff! So I look forward to learning a lot over the next few weeks!! The people that are a part of my small group bible study are all pretty stinking amazing. I love the time I get to spend with them and find myself a little sad when it's over and I know I have to wait another WEEK to see them again. :( But this week we are making dinner for some men who have been working on the construction of our church and I'm excited for it! We will do that Saturday night, so I have to do a little bit of juggling my work schedule to be able to be there.

Now I'm home and it's late and I need to get a couple of things done really quickly and get off to dream land!

Good night friends!
<3 Honor

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 154: A Special Lady & A Gallbladder Mess!

Today has been a fairly eventful day. I went to church this morning and my pastor had this time during our morning worship when he says if God puts any particular person or need on your heart to go pray with them. I was just excited to have Jamie at church with me for the first time in a while so I had just planned to stay put, because I know he gets a little uncomfortable if I leave him alone. And right behind us the preachers wife comes. She Embraced us both in a loose hug and said she felt that God wanted her to come pray with us because she knew that we both yearned to have a child. Man, I'm telling you right now, that's all it took for the flood gates to open and me to start bawling like a little baby! No one has ever prayed for us like that for that specific reason. And I didn't even ask. She just knew! And the words of her prayer were just beautiful and they touched my heart. She is an amazing wife to our pastor and an amazing woman of God.

After church, Jamie and I went to eat lunch and my sister was texting me and telling me how her gall bladder was bothering her more than usual and this is the third day in a row. And she was in some pretty intense pain! I called a girl in from work and she covered my shift for me today so that I could go talk her into going to the hospital. She starts a new job tomorrow so she really needed to confirm that it was her fall bladdernd, find out how bad it was, and hopefully get some pain medicine. The problem is that when she has gone to the ER before, they check her in (she doesn't have insurance) and they don't even run any tests or ANYTHING! What of she was dying or something?!? The last time she went to the ER the doctor on duty told her she needed to schedule an ultrasound with a doctor the next day...uh hello? No insurance! They won't schedule testing without full payment! So she needed to be tested IN the ER..,I was beginning to think that just wasn't possible...but today, we went to a different hospital. And they didn't even ASK about insurance until AFTER she was treated. I thought that was awesome! I felt like she got treated as any other patient would be. And she was treated VERY well! The staff was AMAZING and they had her an X-ray and an ultrasound within 30 minutes of her getting called back! Plus they pumped her full of fluids and gave her some pain meds interveiniously (sp?) and gave her a prescription for some pain meds. Overall, I thought it was a very good visit and she also got a referral for a surgeon. So hopefully, as soon as her new insurance kicks in from her new job, she'll be able to finally get this taken care of!!

I'm now home and it's late and I'm super tired and have a busy day to go tomorrow. Good night friends!
<3 Honor

Day 152 & 153: Still mending

Well, I'm starting to feel a little better. I have done awful as far as calories go the past week or so. The only thing I've been able to drink is Sprite. And I can't stand to drink Diet Sprite.

Not I mention that my eating choices have been garbage most of the week. I have got to get better and get back on the wagon! My knee is still bothering me so my exercise has been seriously lacking. It has just been bad all around!

The crazy thing is that I haven't been eating a lot, yet the scale says otherwise! This journey is definitely not easy, but it is WORTH it! The amount of things I will gain from a healthier body and lifestyle far out way the sacrifices involved in getting there...but I will NEVER say this journey was easy THAT'S for sure!

I don't even think I've logged in to www.myfitnesspal.com in like THREE days! But I logged in today and did pretty good! I had orange sherbet after dinner and I swear I could eat a whole tub of that stuff! 90 calories per half cup sure does add up! Haha

Good night!
<3 Honor

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 149-151: Wow! this is what sickness does!

Well I have been miserable the past three days and I guess it shows in my blog writing! I've never missed two days in a row! Wow!

Nothing seriously eventful has happened. My food choices have been crap because I crave sweet and salty when I'm sick because that's all I can taste! And marshmallows seem to have been my cure the past few days! I didn't weigh in on Tuesday because I overslept and was running late for work so I just headed out. Today I have been asleep all day! I've been up for a couple of hours an am ready to go back to sleep. I went to the doctor and I just have a sinus infection, but I haven't been sick like this in a really long time. So it's really getting me down!

I really feel pretty awful still so I'm going to go back to bed. I have a short work day tomorrow and then Relay!

Good night!
<3 Honor

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 148: Mundane

Today was one of those days for the most part. Lol. I mean nothing crazy eventful happened. I worked all day. Jamie took me to lunch at the Chinese place and we had a nice lunch together.

Work wasn't busy so it just dragged on and on. I did a lot of catching up and calling people to have them come get their pictures. That makes me relatively insane because they have 6,000 excuses as to why they haven't been in or why they can't be in by the deadline. My company expects me to be able to force people to come pay for their pictures! So it's a little stressful.

After work I went straight to bible study. We are starting this new study called 40 days in the word. I thing it's going to be really great! I just have to commit myself, and that's the hard part!

After bible study I stayed and talked to Ms. Edie to late (I always do) she's just easy to talk to! Lol. I practically have I kick myself out or I'll stand there talking to her all night!

By the time I got home my knee was hurting me really bad again. This is not good. I thought it was getting better! I'm going to the gym tomorrow night and praying I'm able to do some cardio because I know the scale isn't going to be good to me in the morning. It has need a really bad week!

Good night!
<3 Honor

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 147: Self Discipline

Last night by the time I laid my head on my bed I barely had the energy to move myself into a comfortable position. I just felt terrible! I had a fever and crazy sore throat and just ached all over! So I took some nighttime meds and went to sleepy wonderland. Lol. I slept for over 12 hours! And don't even get up at all in the night! But the result was me feeling a little better today.

My eating choices have been pretty crappy the last few days and today was no exception. I've got to get it reeled in and keep it there! I don't want to spend the next year trying to get 20 pounds off! I want to make a SPLASH! I only have 128 more pounds to go to reach my goal weight so I'm really almost halfway there in 5 months! But I'm having a hard time keeping myself as dedicated as I was. It's a daily struggle and I've GOT to get my focus back!

I know that I've still been seeing the numbers drop, but indefinitely know that I could be doing a LOT better. And the faster I get the weight off, the better I will feel! 72 pounds are gone forever!! I can do this! I'm not the same person I was 72 pounds ago. I'm a stronger more disciplined version of me! Self-discipline has always been very hard for me, and I still have a LOT of work to do in that category. But I have to keep making progress!!

Good night!
<3 Honor

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 146: Stronger than Yesterday

Ok so yea I love the song that is the same as my title :-) but that really is how I'm feeling. I have these knee bands that I got to wear to Zumba and when I do high intensity cardio and I forget to wear them half of the time...but I was in spinning class a few weeks ago and there was a girl in there that had a band like mine on and she was talking about how she has been having knee problems and her doctor told her to wear the band all the time when she was up during the day. So this morning I saw mine sitting on the dryer and thought, "Hey, it couldn't hurt!" and I have to admit...my knee feels significantly better today! And I'm GLAD! Because I was really scared that it might be something serious that would require medical attention and my insurance STINKS! So that's no good!

On the down side, I feel like doodoo today. It started out with the swollen and tender throat and has moved on to achy body and my eyes burn, which usually means I'm running a fever. Yuck! It's most likely just sinusitis, but I haven't been sick in a really long time (actually I have only had the little stomach thing that I thought was food poisoning a few weeks ago and that's IT since I started taking better care of myself!)

So aside from feeling like poo I had a nice busy day that made my TEN hours seem to go by a little faster. For lunch I went out to my car and set an alarm and just took a nap. I thought maybe that would rejuvenate me and help me get through the day, but on second thought, I think I feel worse since I took the nap! Lol

After work I got me something to eat and took care of my animals and I'm ready to go to bed early. Hopefully the combination of a good nights sleep with some Vick's Cold & Flu will help me feel better tomorrow!

<3 Honor

Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 145: Serious Injury?

Ok, I think I have my first exercise induced injury. My knee was hurting more than usual yesterday, but today it's pretty bad. I don't think I tore any ligaments or anything like that. But I definitely think I must have strained them. :( I'm ok when I'm walking, very mild pain. It's when I have to bend my knee or twist it in any way. So I guess that means I'm going to have to take the cardio on the easy side. Definitely no Zumba until its not hurting like this. I'm freaked out! I don't know what I'm going to do for cardio! I'll definitely have to look some stuff up and see what I can find out...

So other than my knee pain, my day was pretty great. I got to take pictures of Ms. Olivia's kiddos and they are super cute, so we got some great stuff! I only worked four hours today and I got to work with Ariel because she is going to be the manager in Cape and yesterday was her first day back so she needed to get her feet wet from being gone for 90 days :) and thank Go she was there! My phone rang non-stop and we had people picking up and it was just craziness for a bit. By the time we got caught up it was time to go!

I got off at 2 and went to eat with my friend Bethany and Ariel with her boyfriend. Good times :-) And afterward I ran home to change get ready for my nephews birthday. I made him a power rangers cake, so I had to get that loaded up too.

I got out to the park Early (imagine that!) and it was FREEZING! I had thought to grab a jacket, but WOW. I had to have my sis get me another one and I was still cold! Lol Josif loved his cake so my part was a success!

After the party I came home and watched tv for a bit and now I'm ready for bed. My knee is REALLY bothering me and I hope it is at least a little enter tomorrow, because I work all day by myself. :( oh boy!

Good night!
<3 Honor

Day 144: Ouchie Mamasita!

Wowee my body hurts! I feel like I've run a Marathon or something! I'm keeping this one short because I've got to get to bed soon since I'm going back to work tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about my first appointment in the morning :-) My good friend Olivia (who has been on this journey with me) is bringing her babies to come see me. :-) yay!!

Today was bad as far as food goes. I've been doing really well so since it was my last day of vacation, I decided to be a little more relaxed on what I ate. No regrets!

I got a LOT done today! Including finishing up a Power Rangers cake for my favorite little nephew :-) his birthday is tomorrow evening and now his cake is all ready to go!

Good night friends!
<3 Honor

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 143: Overdone!

Well I've been a busy Chica today! I only have one more day of my vacation left so today I went into it knowing I had a lot to get done. And I did get quite a bit done! The day went by way to fast! When Jamie got home from work this mining I loaded up all kinds if different things I've collected from cleaning. Things that go to my sis, my momma, my cousin, a co-worker, the post office, FedEx...lol and the list goes on! So I loaded everything up and went to do my errands.

In the middle of my running I ran into my sis and I ended up calling Jamie and us all meeting to eat lunch. We went to Mexican and I only ate half of my plate! I was actually really excited about it because I was full!

Afterward it was a shorter than anticipated return home because the power went out! So I packed up some senior pictures, put on my workout clothes and off I went...back to town. I dropped the pictures off to some happy clients and then off to the gym. I did some strength training and I believe I may have overdone it a bit, because I am hurting! Mostly my knee. I get really annoyed with my knee. :( I just want it and my plantar faciitus to go away. I haven't had any symptoms at all in my right foot for months, but my left one is still really bothering me. But it WILL get better. It will!

Good night friends! I have a long day to go tomorrow. :-)
<3 Honor

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 142: Weigh Day

Oh, oh...I was so excited to see what the scale had for me today. I wanted so badly to hit the 270's and....I DID! 277.8 woot, woot! That means this was a pretty good week, even though it could have been much BETTER! I always wonder how big the numbers could be if I did exactly perfect all week. I never do though. I'm a cheater, but the little cheating is how I stay on target! Lol! I'm fully aware that that doesn't make a luck of sense, but I'm ok with it ;-)

Today was a good day. I always seem to have good days when it's a good weigh day. It just sets the tone for the rest of the day. And today I felt thinner! I'm fully aware that I have a LONG way to go, but it's nice to feel GOOD!

I got quite a bit done around the house today. I can feel the heat coming on that my vacation is almost over (only 2 days left!) and I'm sad about it! I wish I could have a whole nother week lol. But that's not reality. I've got to go back to work until late June when I get another 9 days off for a big wedding that I'm shooting and then Jamie and I plan to go to the lake for a few days after that. I'm ready! Are we there yet?! I'm not feeling very patient right now! Haha

I talked to my momma for a bit today and found out that she's down to 215! I'm so proud of her! And she's very excited to be so close to 1durland :-) she hasn't weighed under 200 in more than 20 years! Wow! So keep her in your prayers! She's working hard and I'm super excited for her.

I have a lot planned for tomorrow so I wonder of I'll get HALF of it done! Haha I guess we'll see! Have a good night!
<3 Honor

Day 141: Spaghetti Brains

Today was one of those fairly uneventful days. Lol. I didn't get hardly anything accomplished because I slept to late and then puddled around the house. I did, however, make a gigantic batch of spaghetti for small group bible study, our group had to move to Mondays because we were conflicting with the leaders children's ball practice schedule. Wow that was a mouth full! Lol.

So anyways, since I've been on vacation, I volunteered to cook both times because I normally work and can't make anything. Making a large quantity of food like that is no easy task! But I did sneak in some healthy on everyone. :-) I used a spaghetti sauce that has a serving of vegetables in a cup of the sauce. Very cool! And it did NOT taste like it. Plus I used lean ground beef in the sauce. :-) yep, I'm sneaky like that!

I love going to bible study, but even more when I've missed church that week. It makes me feel connected. Our lesson right now is about being in the word and spending more time connecting with God on an individual level. I've really got to step up and get on this bus. Because one of my very large spiritual downfalls is not spending enough time reading the bible and studying it.

Have a good night! Weigh day tomorrow! I pray that I'll be in the 270's even if only by a pound :)
<3 Honor

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 139 & 140: Wow...I Did It Again!

Ok, apparently I am incapable of posting a blog everyday these days! I don't know what has gotten in to me! This blog is as much for me as it is for you! So I have seriously got to step it up!

The past two days have been ok. Today was much more productive than yesterday. I delivered the Winnie The Pooh cake yesterday to a very happy client, and then ended up watching Make It or Break It half of the day! Pitiful! When Jamie got home he helped me put in our living room light (which has been sitting in a box for a few weeks!) and I was really impressed with how much I liked it! Lol, I know that sounds weird, but we've been using lamps for a little while and I love lamp lighting...but I didn't realize how much I missed the big overhead light! And the cool thing is that ever since we moved in we had this weird looking light fixture that was connected to a dimmer, but for some reason the dimmer didn't work. Well...with the new light IT WORKS! And I love it! Yea, I know it's just a silly dimmer...but I don't complain about where I find my happiness! LOL!!

So anyways, the other day I went to the doctor (you know...the lady doctor) and I haven't to see this particular doctor in 6 years, (I actually hadn't planned on seeing him again, because I wasn't a fan of his professionalism, but I had to see someone and didn't want to go to Cape. So anyways!!....LOL....when I checked in with the receptionist, I asked her to check my file and see when it was exactly that I was there before. She told me 2006, and then I asked her what my weight was then and she said 283...and on my visit (in the middle of the day), I weighed at 282. So that may not seem like any big deal to anyone else...BUT to me that means I am the lightest I've been in 6 years!! That's awesomeness! Of course, that also means I gained 69 pounds and then lost 70...but I gained the 69 pounds over 5 and a half years and lost it in just under 6 months! Now, if only I could get my commitment level back where it needs to be so I can start seeing some good numbers again!

Like I said earlier, today has been a productive day. I was able to get rid of a bunch of junk and did some serious organizing! I still have QUITE a ways to go, but I'm definitely happy with my progress today. I also did pretty well with my food today too, so that puts me in a really good mood!

I've been really struggling this week with food. It seems like I always am and I hate that! I wish I could just stay focused and not give in, but my resistance SUCKS! And this week has been one of the worst. I keep craving stuff that is no good, and no amount of "trickery" is going to stop it. I either give in, or ignore it. And I'm not good at the ignoring part. For me...self discipline in the gym is way easier than self-discipline in my diet. I don't know why! I haven't been to the gym as much as I would have liked to this week either, but if I'm going to get this place back in order by Thursday, then I have to sacrifice my gym time a little.

I missed church this morning and I was really bummed out about it. I could NOT get my body to go to sleep last night. I ended up being awake at 5am! So I slept straight through church. That really stinks! Especially since I have to work next Sunday morning so that I will be able to go to my handsome little nephew's birthday party next Sunday night. I'm making him a Power Rangers cake and he's totally going to LOVE it. :) I can't wait to put it together for him!

I guess I better get off of here and wrap up some things for the night and try to get to bed before to awful late!

<3 Honor

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 138: Procrastination!

Wow, today was fairly unproductive! Ok, not THAT bad, but I could have DEFINETELY gotten a lot more accomplished, but seemed to have a crazy bad lazy day!

I had a cake to made and it did get finished, but I had to stay up super late because I got started so late on it.
I spent most of the day sitting on my duff because I had a headache and felt just kindof all over Bleh! That's not really an excuse and because of it, I pretty much wasted a whole day. The good thing is that the cake turned out cute and it's DONE!

I did get to see my good friend Ariel for a while today though. :-) She was really nice to bring me one of those digital converter boxes because we had satellite when all of that went down and I honestly never thought there would be a time when I didn't have satellite. But I got so tired of paying WAY to much for it, and since we had Netflix I just shut off the satellite. So now after having it off for a while I really don't miss it much, except to see a few favorite shows, many of which are online or will be put on Netflix after the season is over. But I was realizing that I could see a lot of stuff on the regular local channels, so I started talking about one of those boxes and she offered to let us borrow it. :-) Now I just have to get a good antenna, because at this point the choices are pretty limited. We got Fox or Fox...lol! But that's ok too, because my momma has a antenna that they aren't using that she said I could have! So it all just kindof worked itself out pretty well! I love it when stuff like that happens :-)

Jamie had military duty today. This is his last drills with his unit. He turns his equipment in this weekend. He was just going to get out and that be that...but now he's seriously considering the reserves if they offer him a sign-on bonus. That scares the 'you know what' out of me because a nice big sign-on bonus means Afghanistan next year. I would be so proud of him to serve our country over seas, but at the same time I would live in fear of his return. Afraid the whole time that he wouldn't return, and then when he did, terrified that he would be so different that we wouldn't be able to pick back up our lives. It goes both ways. And every single man tells his wife that he won't let it change him, or it will be ok, or whatever to pacify her before he leaves. But some come back the same and some don't. Geez!! It terrifies me!

So anyways, yea...that was my day in a nutshell...now I'm exhausted and headed to bed, so I can get up and deliver this cake tomorrow! :-)

<3 Honor

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 136 & 137: Space Out

Ok...do I guess I totally spaced out yesterday and completely forgot to write a blog. I think I'm LOSING it! Lol

It's been a pretty good couple of days. I haven't gotten as much done as I would have liked, but it seems like I always expect more of myself than I can actually pull off. :-)

I grilled lunch yesterday and it was super good! And then I had Applebee's for dinner...not so good! GOSH!

And then today I had a really yummy salad for lunch. I had bought some little mini turkey pepperonis and thy were super good! Dinner wasn't such a hot choice though. I had bible study and I made homemade chili. Oh my! It was really good...but definitely not a smart choice.

I've been pretty busy trying to organize and clean things. So that's pretty much it for now. Lol.

<3 Honor

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 135: Weigh-Day

Ok, this is my first official weigh day since the end of the competition. And I know I should have been doing better and staying 'on it' more, but I think I needed that short time of more relaxed rules for myself, because I've come a long way, and I definitely don't want to do anything to go dee my progress, and I have so much MORE to do.

I honestly stepped on that scale praying to see the 282 again. Because I fluctuated up after the competition with water retention and poor choices. So I was kindof just hoping for a clean slate! And lo and behold...the scale gave me 280...I was shocked...I'm about to be in the 270's. Oooooh MY GOODNESS!!!!! I don't even know what to think about that. Is been SOOOO long! And I'm SUPER excited about it! :-)

Today at work was a funny day...when I worked yesterday I noticed that I didn't have not a single appointment scheduled for pics today. Our company is soooooo focused on sitting that I was FREAKED out! So I posted on facebook and by the time I got to work I had a full schedule! The one hour I though I wouldn't have anybody had booked by someone else online! So no boring day for me today!! I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off!!

After work I headed straight to the gym and did some weight training. I'm trying really hard to make myself do more weight training because that's really important during weight loss and something I find terribly easy to leave out of my workouts! I don't do free weights yet. Mostly because I'm afraid of looking like an idiot out there. So I'll save that for when I've lost more weight. I do the machines. Cindy, my trainer for the competition, made me out a paper in the beginning showing all of the machines and what I did on them each time we did strength training together. I pulled up that list tonight to see where I was and make sure I was building up and was QUITE shocked and how much more I can do from the beginning! I'm pushing myself more now because I know that the more muscle I have, the more calories my body will burn. And I need all the help I can get!! I also found out that it is insanely difficult for a woman to 'bulk up' without taking enhancers or steroids. And that's all I have really been worried about so I mean business now! Lol

Have a good night!
<3 Honor

Day 133 & 134: Not becoming a habit!

I PROMISE this is not about to be becoming a habit! LOL. I have a really good reason for not blogging yesterday. So here goes... Easter Sunday...the studio's schedule wasn't to bad for the first half of the day, so I was able to go to church with my s and my parents in Bloomfield. After church Daddy actually asked if we wanted to go get something to eat...we were pretty stoked about that because he rarely has the energy, so we jumped on that opportunity! We ended up at a buffet styled steak house and I had very small portions and didnt get wild and crazy, but I could have definitely made healthier decisions. After lunch I went straight to work and was feeling a rumble in my tummy, but I thought I had eaten to much. By the time I said goodbye to my last customer I felt like I was definitely going to be sick! So I put out a closed sign and headed to the restroom. I stayed there forever! I really thought as soon as I got up I would be in trouble. I was dizzy and feeling my stomach lurch. I stayed there for 45 minutes with nothing happening and decided to try to go close the studio real quick so could get home and lay down...but I didn't make it out of the bathroom :-( it was bad. B.A.D.

I finally made it back to the studio, but grabbed a trash bag just in case, because I didn't get that instant feeling of 'better' I still felt TERRIBLE. And I didn't make it through closing before I was sick again. At that point I was weak and feeling pretty miserable, so I mustered up every ounce of energy I had and finished up so I could leave.

When I walked in my front door at 8pm I laid down on the couch and didn't get up a single time until 9:15 this morning!! I felt better this morning, but still definitely not on my 'A' game. I only had a 4 hour shift at work, and by the time I made it through that, I was feeling pretty yucky again.

I had purchased a little $40 grill at Wal-Mart and was really wanting to put it together today and grill my dinner since my grill is all messed up and it doesn't really cook right because of it. It's funny...I spent over $200 for the grill we had, it's all fancy and pretty and has a nice big grilling surface and a little door you can open to add or move charcoal. Yea real nice...until the crappy grill cover came off in the winter and it got all rusted out!! We had it for maybe two or three summers and now it's garbage. And the sad thing is that the base of it is fine! But the part that holds the drawer in at the bottom is a thin price of metal and that rusted, so it's no good now because the whole under side is a gaping hole' what a waste of money! So I got this $40 grill thinking, "Hey if I have to get a new one every year I can afford that!" but you know what? I put that puppy together this afternoon and it's pretty sturdy! I spent less than $10 for a tarp and a bungee cord to lay over it and keep it covered and I'll bet you that $50 lasts me a heck of a lot longer than the other grill! And the kicker is, after I put it together I noticed that the grilling surface is almost as big as the old one was!!

So anywho, I got that done, and that took my energy that I had...so it's rest and relaxing for this sick girl for the rest of the night...no grilling on my new grill tonight, because I feel like doodoo and had to eat something light. Boo. Lol.

Tomorrow is my last day of work before my "Spring Cleaning" vacation and I'm stoked! I'm going to be burning a LOT of garbage and donating anything else we don't need! My hubby is a pretty bad hoarder (he hides it so I don't find it til later, that sneaky man!) so we had lots of JUNK!

Fun times...
<3 Honor

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 132: Busy, Busy

Today is the day before Easter...and in the world of commercial photography....that means all the procrastinators came to see me. Ok, it wasn't as bad as it could have been for sure! But we did 10 sessions! So it was a good (and busy) day. Most of of customers were really great, which makes for a good day. But there were a few crazy ones that made it interesting.

Since it was so busy at work I had Subway for lunch. That's something I've been cutting back on because Subway is a carb overload. I may be able to get a low calorie lunch...but sometimes you need to look beyond the calories!

After work I was super tired! I came home and was in that mood that nothing healthy sounded good and ended up eating Pizza Rolls for dinner! Really Honor?! I don't know why I can't just stop myself from making those ignorant decisions, because I know it's a bad idea...but I still do it!

Alright I'm tired and ready to hit they hay (and watch some Vampire Diaries in the process;)

<3 Honor

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 130 & 131: Oopsy

I totally didn't realize that I skipped a day! I've been crazy busy with work and other things and I guess I just forgot! That makes me sad...lol

The last couple of days have been a little better. Thursday's Zumba class was hardcore. I don't know If it was just me or what but I was really pushing it more than usual!

Today I didn't get any exercise in since I worked all day, so that sucks. I always feel like I've done something wrong when I don't workout. I know it's ok to take days off from working out. But right now I'm having a really hard time with my food choices, so making sure I'm exercising makes me feel like I'm still moving in the right direction. I don't understand why it is that I can make really good food choices for the first 75% of the day, and then BAM I RUIN EVERYTHING right at the end of the day. It really makes me crazy!!

Today I did really REALLY good, and then I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with my sister and a co-worker and that was it...I was done for.

I have to do better. And I have to get into a routine of consistency because my metabolism is so shot. Tomorrow is another day, and it's going to be crazy busy at work. So I'm going to have a GREAT day!

Good night!
<3 Honor

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 129: I See the Light!

Oh yay! I'm so excited, lol. I got on te scale this morning and it finally MOVED. I had a feeling that it might since I've been carrying around about 5 pounds of water weight and I was peeing like a pregnant lady last night! Haha!! So now I'm still up one pound from my final weight for the Competition, but I'm going in the right direction again and I'll be dipping in to those 270's before ya know it!!

I am SOOOO thankful to have seen the scale move for me. My brain was really starting to play tricks on me and I was getting in a bit of a rut!! NO RUTS! I can't WAIT to get under 250! I know I still have a while to go before I get there, but I'm excited about it! That's my 100 pound mark :-)

I made plans with my cousin to come over for grilled Kabobs for lunch today and they were really yummy. I bought a box of angel food cake mix a few weeks ago with the plans to make it into cupcakes. A cupcake equals out to only 40 calories! So I enjoyed one with strawberries and whipped cream today after lunch and it was REALLY good. :-)

I did a little bit of light cleaning around the house and then it was time for Zumba! I did two hours tonight and was SUPER proud of myself for sticking it out because it was soooooo hot in that room!! 80 degrees with around 40 ladies...yea, we were some steamin' hot mamasitas!!! I seriously didn't plan on staying the full two hours, but my sis came the second hour and I just ended up staying. Lol. I was really glad that I did too!!

Good night :-)
<3 Honor

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 128: Stuck!

So I guess I have officially plateaued. :-( I have some water weight on me, so I'm actually up by five pounds from last Friday! And I've been trying REALLY hard to get that back off, but my body is being VERY stubborn. So I think it's time for drastic measures. Something I said I would do if I had to, but I sure wasn't excited about it.....I think....I'm going to have to....cut down on my Carbs!! Ohmageez!!! Lol. I'm super sad about it!! I like my carbs!! I don't plan to make it something that is long term. Just temporarily to get the weight coming off again. Oh I'm sad about it. LOL! Yes, I'm going to whine like a baby... DON'T JUDGE ME!! Hahhahaa

So my plan is to do some shopping tonight after I get done at the Y, and I'm going to do a egg white scramble for breakfast in place of my oatmeal, and I'll exchange my turkey and cheese sandwich that I usually have for lunch for turkey and cheese roll-ups. I'm not going to worry about the carbs that come in fruits and veggies. Just te bread/pasta/grain carbs for now. We'll see how it goes.

I will have to do as much prep work as possible for the scrambles because I'm always in a rush in the mornings. So I'm going to have to pre-cut up some turkey and veggies.

Oh joy...this will be so much fun (*note sarcasm here*) Lol!

Have a good one:-)
<3 Honor

Day 127: Better

I'm sure it has been pretty easy to tell that I have been struggling lately. I'm trying REALLY hard to shift my mental focus and stay on track. I have worked out quite a lot over the last week, but I have made some bad food choices. 3,500 calories equal a pound yet way less than that means a pound or even more for me. I'm also fighting with water weight at the moment too, so it's very discouraging.

I made very good eating choices today. I did go out to dinner with one of my girls from work and had quite a few calories there, but I hadn't had very many at all up to that point. I know that's not the way I need to do it, and I'm working on it. I've got to get out of the restaurants. I enjoy eating out waaaaaaay to much and I get carried away. But today was better...

I went to the gym and did a spinning class and an hour of Zumba, and then I did some strength training. I really pushed it on the strength training so I'm planning to be sore tomorrow! Lol.

I've been talking to this girl, Heather, who has been going to my church. She's a junior in high school and is struggling with her weight. I've been giving her advice and tips and trying to help her out. Last night she came to the gym with me and went to Zumba and did some strength training. She's a strong girl! She said that her mom has Huntington's so she wants to get her weight off to prolong the symptoms from coming if she has it too. I don't know anything at all about Huntington's, but it seemed like a huge deal to her and I want to help her.

I can't lose the weight FOR someone, but I sure can give advice and inspiration along the way! And I think stuff like that is what will keep me on track!

Gotta catch some zzz's :-)
<3 Honor

Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 126: NEVER give up!

The one thing you always have to remember through any struggle you might face while trying to change your life is that it is NEVER to late. You are NEVER a lost cause. And at NO point have you reached the point of no return!! You CAN change. You CAN keep going.

People who say this isn't that hard or all it takes is dedication are either liars or it's easier for them than it is for me! Because this is VERY hard and it takes dedication, determination, faith, hope & a mind-set that even when you fall off the wagon for a day, a few days, a few weeks, months or EVEN years---you can still refocus, reevaluate, & get back on track.

If you are overweight, then most likely it's because you have a mental issue that causes you to turn to food in times of stress, for comfort, or any other number of reasons. It's a Brain thing! And unless you Really look at yourself and work to shift your mental focus...all of the hard work will be wasted.

I don't know why, but I just had to share all of that. Lol. I'm working on practicing what I preach and I will be the first to admit that it is a daily struggle for me. But I keep reminding myself of how much I'm going to gain from all of this hard work! Sometimes it's almost impossible to push through the cravings though. And let me tell ya...when I do give in to the temptation as SOON as I swallow, I regret it.

Having something that isn't healthy is NOT against the rules for me. Because I know that that is just not something that I could stick with. But the problem for me is not just indulging in one thing. After I have indulged that one time, it seems to be easier to indulge again and again and again. And then after a while you get to where you don't have that feeling of regret as soon as you take that bite. I get numb to the feeling. So I can't ever let myself get to that point again.

Okay I'm done for the night, I need to go to bed and get some rest!
<3 Honor

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 125: Metabolism frenzy

Today was a hard day! As far as food choices go, it started out great. I had my normal oatmeal for breakfast. And I brought my lunch, which consisted of a sandwich, grapes, and baby carrots. In my opinion that's a pretty nutritious lunch. But while I was at work, everything was nuts! There is so much drama going on right now it just kills me. And I will be overjoyed when my boss returns to her position. Which will be Monday morning and I can't wait!!!

So work was crazy, I started out in Cape. And I think at one point I was doing 15 things that once! So by the time I left Cape Studio I was pretty stressed. I went straight to Sikeston studio and then things got crazier in the district. And then I bought some candy… And then I ate it… And then they came back up… That seems to happen every time I try to eat something I know I shouldn't. And to be quite honest, my food choices or crap for the rest of the day. I get so frustrated about food! I am the only person I know that can eat a bag of skittles which by the way only have like 300 cal in them, and the next morning the scale says she gained 2 pounds. It's something about sugar and white crap I guess, I don't know... all I know is that this has been the worst week ever. And I have definitely got to buckle down and get back on track.

My first thought, was that I was still going to exercise really hard, and eat well, but just be a little bit more relaxed with myself. I mean I've been going at it hard-core for four months!! You would think I can slack off just a little bit and still be able to lose weight. But no, my body has to be a pain in my butt! And as I'm sure you can tell I'm not excited about it. I worked too hard to get where I'm at for my metabolism to screw me over at this point!! I have a long way to go and I'm not about to quit fighting yet.

Good night,
<3 Honor

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 124: Uneventful Day

Man I'm tired! Lol. Watching the district means that even when I'm not working, I'm working!! So I stayed pretty busy on my supposed days off and it's catching up with me already!! Today was a fairly uneventful day. I worked in my studio because we had quite a few appointments and I went to lunch with my associate. We went to Chinese ad I can actually do pretty good there because they have a grill where you can put together your own food and they grill it for you. So I usually do beef, Brocolli, and mushrooms. Yea, chicken would be better, but I eat chicken all the time!!

After work I went and played tennis for about an hour with my sis. She says she didn't feel like she got a workout. Well I did! My heart rate was up and I even broke a sweat! That's actually quite difficult for me because I don't sweat properly.

I came home and am now watching Switched at Birth. It's a really cute show. See, I told ya it was uneventful! Lol.

Good night :-)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 123: Squat Nazi!

I don't quite understand how it is that I can have two days off and feel like I didn't get anything done that I wanted to! I did get quite a bit done, but I just had this big ole list in my head of other things too! Lol

Today, I went to town with my honey and took my granny some half salt, She has really high blood pressure, but she really like her some salt too!! So I convinced her to try the half salt because it tastes just the same as the regular stuff to me, so I was hoping maybe it would help her cut back on her sodium a bit!! So that was a really good excuse to swing by and see my granny ;-)

We also went to see the woman who owns our house today because she is selling her house in town and it's a whole lot nicer than ours (and in town) so we were going to see if there was any chance that we might be able to get it. But that was a no luck kind of trip. Boo.

By the time we made it back home, it was already lunch time, and I had a super yummy lunch. Lol. My sis says it was an odd combo, but hey, it was Good! Doc's Chili, Green Beans, & Cottage Cheese. Oh yea ;-)

After lunch I got a little done around the house and then it was time to go do a senior shoot! Those are my favorite! The shoot doesn't take to awful long and seniors are usually pretty awesome to work with :-) and this senior shoot was not unlike the others I've done, quick, fun, & and pretty simple!! The perfect recipe for a successful shoot!

After the shoot I had to jet to the Y to get to Ypump :-) Cindy busted our BUTTS today! Lol. We did about 500 squats and then we did a few more! I was really wishing I had remembered to bring my knee straps with me! They REALLY help with my knee pain from all of the exercise! So I was super sad that I didn't have them! And then in Zumba we did even MORE squats!! Lol Cindy and Kaci were the freakin Squat Nazi's today!! But I survived it!

For dinner I went to our new Italian restraint with my sis, and I was super proud because I only ate half of my dinner :-) Then I spent my evening editing Senior Pics! So yea...long day!!

Good night!
<3 Honor

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 122: Late Dinner

Today was a crazy busy day! I started out by going to pick up one of my besties, Barb, and then we went to Bloomfield to get my car inspected. Well they said they didn't have time to do it so I had to drive all the way to Dexter to get it inspected! Then we went to Elements in Sikeston and got Barb's hair cut and her eyebrows waxed! She looks Great!! And then I had to drive to New Madrid to
Get my personal property taxes paid (yea, I know...I'm late, lol) and then it was back to Sikeston to get the tags for my car! I was so glad that I packed a sandwich and some baby carrots for lunch! By the time I ran to drop Barb off and then stopped by the house to get dressed for working out, it was already almost 5 and I was running late for Spinning class!! So I hurried up to the gym to get there as close to 5 as possible!! I came in to class, and there was my Cindy. :-) He is the GREATEST!! She had even texted me earlier in the afternoon to make sure I didn't plan on slacking ;) I'm so glad that she still plans on keeping me on my toes even though she technically isn't obligated to anymore. That's just how awesome she is ;-)

I survived spinning and then headed to Zumba for two hours. It was a loooong workout! My left foot is telling me about it right now! Lol.

After my workout, Elizabeth and I went to Walmart to get some grocery shopping in and then I headed home! I didn't get dinner until 10!! There wasn't much I could do to help it...so I have to make sure to stay awake for a few hours because I try to not go to bed until at least two hours after my last meal!

Have a good night!!
<3 Honor

Day 121: I Won!!

Yep that's right!!!!!! I won!!!!!!!!!!! I tried so hard to not get my hopes up and I was a nervous wreck ALL day! Today flew by! Work went off without a hitch really, and then I went to the meeting at the Y. The man who donated the money was a REALLY super nice guy! He had a little speech about the Y and how we got to where we are...and then he talked about how he was a fan of The Biggest Loser, I was so tempted to holler out ME TOO ME TOO!!

And then he announced the runner up...she was a percent and a half below me, but her starting weight was so much lower than mine that she was only THREE POUNDS away from beating me!! Holy cow! The Y took some pics yesterday that they will most likely post to Facebook tomorrow so I'll get those posted on here as soon as they are available. :-))

The thirty minutes after the meeting were totally overwhelming! People were so NICE to me! Everyone was asking me how it went and congratulating me. Then I went to Zumba and she announced it to the whole class! Right after Zumba started, I got a call from my pastor who was personally congratulating me for winning! It was GREAT!!

Tonight was our last night of Ladies Bible Study for the summer. I'm super sad about it!! I know that it's for the greater good because everyone is SOOOO busy with all the summer sports and stuff, but I will MISS them! After everyone left I got me some good visiting in with Ms. Edie :-) she's one of the leaders of the Ladies Bible Study and it's her and her husband that lead my small group too. So she's a big part of my life! And I love getting to spend good quality time with her!! I stayed waaaay to late (that's how it usually goes) and had a great visit!! Now I'm exhausted and happy to go to bed!!

Good night friends!
<3 Honor