Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 195: Sicker than a dog!

I don't know why people say they're sick as a dog...but whatever the reason...I feel sicker. Lol. This sinus infection is kicking my tail!! And my problem with being sick is that I eat crap. Ok not literally, but I always have to rack my mind to find anything at all that sounds good enough to eat! I had lunch with my sis at the Mexican restaurant so for dinner I should have just come home and ate some chicken noodle soup...but that didn't sound good! So instead I walked the isles of the grocery side of Walmart after work searching for something that sounded good...I ended up getting some Garlic Herb Flipsides with Spray cheese. BAD choice...but that is the ONLY thing in the whole store that sounded good.

I got out to my car and was sitting in my car and started to freak out because I thought I had left my keys in the studio and I felt to awful to waddle back in after them. Then it hit me...duh ding could I have gotten INTO the car without my keys...and lo and behold they were sitting in the ignition. Lol. I don't remember putting them there! Haha

So as I'm leaving the parking lot I impulsively decide that the crackers and cheese don't sound good anymore...I need something different. And I decided that a chili cheese coney and ice cream from Sonic is what sounded good. Errr....NOPE. I bought it and made it through less than half...and now I have wasted food. Oh well! It was NO good for me anyways! I shouldn't be eating junk at all. Let alone twice in one day!

So there you have it. I'm struggling like crazy to get back on track. And being sick is not helping in the slightest bit. And I'm feeling it extra tonight. I've been laying here on my couch for a few hours and don't appear to be going anywhere tonight! Goodnight!
<3 Honor

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  1. Let's see I ate French toast this morning, then for lunch I had fried fish fried French fries baked beans with a ton of sugar in it, dinner consisted of fried fish Mac and cheese with extra cheese added and then even though it was late I ate quite a bit of gold fish cupcake flavor....I am pretty sure I am struggling too...maybe if we tell each other each day what we eat it will help...I kind of stopped lodging my food so it makes it easier to east whatever...oh yeah I had both leftover rolls today too...