Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 197: Weigh Day

Well I told you I would be honest about my weight today, no matter what it was...and it's not pretty. 288. I'm very unhappy with that. These 280's kick my butt! I have completely wasted the last two months away bouncing around in the 280's! And I can tell you right now that I am a determined woman that is going to get the number going down no matter what! Argh!!! I can't believe I have wasted so much time! But this isn't one who has been successful at losing a large amount of weight would ever tell you that it's easy! So I'm at 62 pounds lost total... Boo!!!!

Ok...I feel better now. :) Today has actually been a pretty good day! I got up early enough to put together a lunch and some snacks for the day and had a nice bowl of Oatmeal with some Turkey bacon for breakfast. Work is always good when I have a shoot...and they are So my day started great because someone I know came in for maternity pics before 11 and we had fun and that settled my stress of having at least one shoot today. I brought a sugar free jello with me (only 10 calories) and had that as a quick snack in the morning and then by the time lunch break came around I was feeling more like a nap instead of lunch! So I decided to eat my turkey and cheese sticks (I roll the turkey around the cheese for a turkey roll-up, lol) and thought I would take a nap and then eat the rest of my lunch when I got, I slept all the way up to 3:00 and had to rush in because I had someone call-in for a 3:00 earlier...the weird thing was that I really wasn't all that hungry anyways so I wasn't sad about it...

So I guess my body must have known what the night had in store for me! Because last minute, me and Jamie decided to have a date night, which included dinner at Olive Garden. And since I had only eaten a total of 400 calories all day...I had the calories to enjoy dinner and a movie with my hubby. No, eating a large bunch of calories in the latest part of the day is NOT a good idea...but it's better than eating regular all day and then splurging anyways...right? I think so! So I had a really nice date night with my hubby and we strolled around the Mall for a little while...wasted money we probably shouldn't have wasted...and watched my first 3D movie :) It was Men In Black III and I LOVED the movie! The 3D effects were cool, but I think they are WAY better in cartoon style movies, because we saw previews for madagascar 3 and it looked AWESOME! I haven't watched a cartoon movie in years, but that preview made me want to watch it! LOL

Ok, it's insanely late and I'm exhausted, so I better shut up for now ;)
<3 Honor


  1. You know, no one would ever guess you weigh 288. You're just gorgeous. Don't feel bad--you're back on track and have lost 62 pounds!!! I've been stalled since Christmas--but I've lost 40 pounds and am back on track too. YAY for us!!!