Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 196: Downhill Finally!

I finally feel like I'm going back down the hill from sickness and going towards recovery...although if I were writing this blog this morning, I would have said something entirely different! I woke up around 8:00 do miserable and still fighting a sinus migraine, that I took a double dose of Ibruprofen and went back to sleep! Now keep in mind that I have to leave for work by 9:45 at the latest, to stroll in to the studio right at 10, so unusually aim for 9:40 to be safe.... Well I finally started my day at 9:25!! So it was rush to throw my clothes on and throw the hair in a ponytail and just as I finished pinning up all the lose strands I looked down and realized my shirt was INSIDE OUT! Whoops! I'm definitely glad I didn't leave for work like that!! Haha

Today was one of my hungry days...which always seems to happen when I've veered in the wrong direction and am trying to get back on track. The difference is that I actually ate healthy all day!!! Yay me!!! I didn't pre-plan and bring my lunch...which is always a step in the wrong direction for me. So that meant buying single portion things which costs a ton! I spent around $15 today on food!! Wow! So after work it was very important to go grocery shopping do I could restock the fridge with healthy foods!

The only problem with eating healthy is that most of what I Should be eating iS food that goes bad pretty quick. And I have this insane skill at overbuying healthy foods to the point that I ended up throwing a LOT of it away! Bad! Plus I'll get lazy and not cook the healthy stuff and just heat up a Lean Cuisine TV dinner or something easy. So I've GOT to quit doing that! Old habits die hard, but I can do this! And I think that if I can get into the habit of pre-portioning again...I'll do much better!!

I spent a good hour and a half when I got home from grocery shopping cleaning out my fridge and rearranging it. And then I got a few organization aids for my cake stuff and got caught up with that and I ended up not getting my dinner until 9:30!! Wow!

Time to chill out for a bit!
<3 Honor

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