Monday, June 4, 2012

Days 181-194: I'm Back!

Ok, I know you have all missed me! Ok maybe you haven't...but I've missed blabbing about all of my wonderful little!

These past few weeks have definitely been insane! The supposed abscess actually turned out to be a Brown Recluse bite that got pretty bad. I was treating it exactly as the doctor had instructed me to do but it kept getting worse and worse and the pain intensified dramatically. The bite was located really high on my upper thigh do every time I stood, sit, kneaded, leaned, or even wiggled to much, I was in severe pain. I ended up having to have it lance and drained and after a week of going in and getting the wound packed every day, it was looking a LOT better!

I missed way more work than I would have liked to, and used a lot of my PTO :( But I was Very Thankful that the PTO was there to use! And thanks to the combination of antibiotic and pain pills, my stomach did some crazy things. I was skipping meals (which always causes me to gain weight) and when I was hungry it was something really salty or really sweet that I craved. And so, of course, I damaged an already sensitive psyche and just ate whatever I craved. Needless to say, I am terrified to get on the scale. Today is Saturday, so my plan is today I'm back on the wagon...eating right, no excuses...and I will keep going in that direction. And then I will weigh in on Tuesday and tell you where I'm at. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be pretty, but I mean...let's be honest here...if the journey to successful Weight Loss was easy...EVERYONE would be of a normal healthy weight and we all know that's definitely NOT the case.

I don't remember if I ever shared with you all that I got a bike...but I did. About a month ago. And until te day before's been sitting in my living room while I admire it & I've been to afraid to get on it. I don't know what exactly I was afraid of...afraid of falling off...afraid of someone seeing me on it and making a snide comment...afraid I was just to fat to do it...I dunno, but SOMETHING was keeping me off. Maybe a little bit of all of that. But I did it! I got on my bike and rode it around our little community with my hubby. And I only made it three quarters of a mile before I was winded and my leg was hurting where the bite is. I was VERY surprised to be so winded after such a short bike ride! I mean I go to spinning class and go 10-15 miles or even more sometimes. Yes, I know it's been a little but since I've been to a spinning class but not THAT long. So that leaves me wondering if I'm really THAT out of shape again already...or maybe my body is still recovering from all of the abuse! Haha.

<3 Honor

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