Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 2:I Can't Wait!

I seriously was crushed that my Plexus shipment didn't come in today. I spent over an hour after work reading testimonial after testimonial of tons of people who have lost weight and had so many other good things happen. I've shared before that I have P.C.O.S. Which causes it to be extremely difficult to become pregnant among other things. It also makes it very hard to lose weight. And I'm reading tons of testimonials from women who have PCOS and are losing weight and some of their other symptoms that I'm not going to go into to much detail about (cause it's embarrassing and kindof yuck to talk about, lol) but those symptoms are decreasing with Plexus too! 

I'm not expecting this little drink mix to do all the work. So don't get me wrong. But I need the help. Someone messaged me yesterday and said some pretty negative things about it and how they hated to see smart people waste money on something to make other people money. I was utterly floored by this comment because I have seen THOUSANDS of people's testimonies of how their whole lives have changed from this one thing! And yes, I personally know some of them. But whatever...there will always be critics...and yes, I've done it without the assistance of anything but sheer will power BUT no one knows HOW HARD I had to work to achieve those results. I was literally having to burn DOUBLE the calories they "say" you have to burn to drop each and every pound (thank you PCOS) so if I can get some help, Please pass it over. Lol. 

So anyways....rant over....maybe. Lol. Today was NOT a healthy day. It started out great and ended awfully. I have decided that I absolutely HAVE to get my Y membership reinstated. I don't like doing anything outside when it's hot or cold. Haha. So that takes out about 10 months living in Southeast Missouri!! That's my personal preference. Anyone can lose weight without a gym. But I definitely have to get more active because my whole body hurts!! I went to a Plexus training session last night and they had these little regular fold out chairs. #1 I felt like a COW in them but I couldn't choose one of the more comfy chairs because they have arm rests and those are a big no no for a girl my size. :-( So anyways, about 30 minutes into this meeting my butt went numb...45 minutes in I started having severe pain in my tailbone area...after shifting and reshifting and twisting and considering leaving. And then looking around for somewhere to stand...and then reshifting...I finally have up and went and stood against a bookcase. So by the time the almost three hour meeting was over, I had pain everywhere. THAT'S insane. And was a pretty big wake up call. 

So needless to say, I'll be calling the gym tomorrow...and hoping the mail lady has a pretty package for me too. :)

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