Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 5 & 6: Busy Busy

Oh my!! I am finding myself super busy!! BUT I have been doing pretty ok with my food choices. :) I always feel like I can do better, especially if I eat out. But these past two days have been SUPER hectic. Our hot water heater actually wasn't fixed. Yesterday was a pretty sad day...and then we got some great help from some family that was extremely unexpected. So we ended the day with a hot water heater. Woohoo! The guys stayed up working on it way after I went to bed...but I woke up to my washer still in my kitchen! Lol. So I was sure they hit a road block. Sure enough....the had pipe issues under the house. Ugh. Our house is soooooo old and it has pretty much sunk and shifted itself almost all the way to the ground on the side that our pipes are on. So we are currently on Day three with no hot water and I must say...IT SUCKS! Lol

I'm extremely thankful that we have water though. So I'm really not complaining to much ;) We'll survive. But needless to in the kitchen is a little nil right now with a washer and laundry baskets and such in there! 

Well it's super late and after a trip to Cape to get some decor for a baby shower cake and a little bit of other business. Plus I had a great time with my cousin, Jessica, and a couple of my good friends. Btw, I had to change my profile pic to a pic of just me instead myself and my sister because Jessica said that this is my journey to finding "me" haha. I told her I would call her out in my I had to. ;) 

Have a good night! And if you are from the southeast Missouri area, stay safe through these storms tomorrow! They freak me out!! Tornados stay in the sky please!!! 

Good night friends :)

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