Monday, November 18, 2013

Days 7 & 8: Oh Cake!

Oh my good gracious. Getting in the habit of writing everyday agin is so hard! Haha. I can't believe I missed again yesterday and almost forgot today!! Things have just been sooooo very hectic. I confirmed two cake orders for a week that I already had one. So I'm going to be SUPER busy for the next few weeks and I'm slightly stressed ;) but I've got this!! Lol. I've never made three cakes in one week so that's more than a little scary. And I'm going to be relying on the mail to get some of the things I need to me on time. That's scary!! 

But I am super blessed to have been givin the opportunity to start making cakes. I've been doing them for two and a half years now and I've learned sooo much!! I've also learned that I don't eat cake hardly ever anymore!! Haha so that's a good thing! 

My eating choices yesterday weren't perfect, but weren't terrible either. Today was pretty darn good until some Halloween candy made it's way in front of me tonight! Shame shame Jessica!! Ha! No I take full responsibility....but I didn't do tooooo bad. I really wish I had my Y membership back!! But we really don't have the money to get it going right now. So I will have to make do. I am approaching my first full week of being on Plexus on Wednesday. So I'll do a weigh in that morning and share te news. Good or bad. I am seriously going to have to force myself to get some cardio in. It's so hard when it's cold because it's literally impossible for me to
Bundle up properly because I can't get coats to fit me properly without spending an arm and a leg. But...I need to quit making excuses huh? 

Well it's late already and I am exhausted. Sleep tight  friends :-)

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