Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 4: Stress?...No NOT ME!

Oh my goodness!!! What a crazy stressful day I've had!! Last night our house seriously came close to catching fire. Ok...maybe not THAT close, but seriously  there was smoke and a horrible burning smell coming from our water heater! So scary! We spent about an hour freaked out and worried that, even though the braker was off, that maybe we misse something or something was going wrong. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of a house fire. There are to many people and fur babies in my house that I care about! Not to mention the memories!

So I started my day thinking my water heater was totally fried. I did some research and found that a replacement was going to tank us at about $300. I don't know about most of you, but that is a LOT of money for my family! So I really started stressing. Then I had a very busy day at work...which is great because it keeps me from wanting to snack all day. But it sure was a LONG day! Haha.

As far as my food choices...I had a GREAT day!! I got up and made a Berry Smoothie for breakfast and had a banana with it. So fruit, fruit, fruit...haha..and I added my Plexus Slim to the smoothie so that added a Cherry flavor and it was really good! I picked up some low calorie frozen dinners at the grocery store last night. So, even though they are supposedly not the best...they help me stay on track and are really convenient. And for dinner I had a chicken salad and a baked potato. So I'm really happy with my choices!
I can't WAIT to weigh-in! I haven't added in any exercise yet, but I really think that with all this extra water, the Plexus, and the healthier eating...I think I'm going to see results anyways. :) I guess we'll see won't we!

So anyways...after work some family came over and we found out that instead of a new water heater for $300 we got to replace about $30 worth of parts!!! Woohoo!! So my day turned out just fine! No reason to stress at all!

Long day...lots of exclamation marks!! Haha....and now I'm exhausted and ready for bed!

Goodnight friends :)

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