Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 25th, 2016: Obese to Beast Mode

I feel like a freaking Beast today y'all! No joke! I got home late last night, and finished up my blog. I think I was already asleep while I was writing it, because I was freaking exhausted. But I was proud of myself for staying commited and finishing it!

I was super proud of myself to be up at 7:30 this morning so that I could get ready and go to Zumba with my sister. I was hoping to make it through half of the class, which would be 30 minutes. Primarily because I haven't worked out in 4 years and I'm just getting back into the swing of things, but also because I have nickel sized blisters right on the bottom of my feet, so I thought that would be pushing it.

So we walk in a few minutes late. The warm-up song had just ended so we join right in on the first song. I was freaking out a bit because I didn't know any of the moves and it was all very foreign to me. But then the second song I knew and still remembered some of it! So that was cool. Throughout the time she would show us some of the moves for the newer songs and then we did some we knew. Before I knew it, the whole HOUR was over and we were in cool down mode. WOW! I was super impressed with us! We kicked some butt! And my favorite thing about's soooo much FUN! For anyone out there that is struggling with getting your cardio in, I highly recommend I group exercise class. And don't just say you won't like it, TRY it, then make your judgements. I love the group exercise classes. I feel like having other people doing it with me pushes me to do it more. Plus the music is super upbeat and fun too.

After our class I was feeling those blisters pretty well, but I was on a exercise high or something and wasn't quite ready to stop yet. So my sister went up to the walking track and I followed her and hopped on the Arc Trainer. It's a great way to get cardio in without putting as much stress on the area where the blisters are and it's also really forgiving on my knees. I got another 15 minutes in on that and we called it done for the day. I had already reached my step goal for the day before Zumba was even over, so I was feeling pretty amazing. I also knew that steps would be hard for the rest of the day with my feet in a mess right now. I sure hope these blisters heal quickly, because I don't need them in my life. Haha

After all that amazing exercise I came home and did a little bit of meal prep, and then took it easy. I got to enjoy some time visiting with my mom & dad and when that happens my sister usually comes over so they can see the babies, so we had us a nice little visit. After they left I got busy on laundry and finishing up some meal prep (I cooked up a whole bag of Chicken Breast Tenderloins because they are super easy to warm up and make an easy dinner during the week.

By the time I was done with everything it was time to get dinner going. I was so proud of myself because we absolutely love these things called Pizza Rollers that our Pizza Hut sells (not all Pizza Hut's sell them), so I had decided a while back to make a healthier version because the Pizza Hut ones have 250 calories and you get 5 to an order...yea 1250 calories plus marinara every time I ate those...Wow!! So I made mine with turkey pepperoni, light string cheese and I added mushrooms, because....well let's be honest...this girl LOVES me some mushrooms. :) Well my version ended up having MORE calories....what the crap?!?! The only thing I can figure is that the crust that we bought (the Pillsbury kind in the can), has WAY more calories. On the plus side, mine were bigger and I only ate two, so I still stayed well within my calorie goal.

Here's the breakdown of my food from today:

Whole Natural Almonds (on the way back from the gym, I just really wasn't hungry) = 160 cals

Kale mix salad, with Honey Turkey Breast, Broccolli, Cucumber, Parmesan-Romano Cheese, and Ranch Dressing, and then I cut up and baked a Tortilla Shell and made some Avacado Dip (Avacado, Sour Cream, salt, pepper, garlic powder, & onion powder) = 529 cals

Pizza Rollers with Pizza Sauce = 528 cals

Total for today = 1217 cals (I may have a late night snack to round that closer to 1500.

I divided up around 5 or 6 bags of fruit into smoothie sized portions
to make my mornings easier. :)

*Join me on My Fitness Pal and get all the details of my food measurements and such. Username: honorwarren.

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