Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26th, 2016: Weigh-in #2!

That's right is weigh-in #2. I will tell you, I am happy with the scale, as long as, every week I see some improvement. If I don't see some improvement, you will see one very unhappy camper. Because...I'm seriously torturing myself. 12 days in to this and I'm still not skinny! What the crap? Haha... But seriously, I was happy with how my week went. I got an all time high on my steps yesterday at 10,717 steps!! And that was WITH blisters on my feet. If you aren't moving, that should give you some movtivation! Lol. So I woke up this morning feeling positive. I got on the scale...and...well, I was pleased, but a little let down that it wasn't more. 357.0 pounds that's down 4.5 pounds...last week was 9,5, so that makes a round 14 pounds so far. Not fast enough. Lol. I wanna lose 10 pounds a day...isn't that realistic?? But seriously, I'm happy. And I'm going to keep pushing hard until I reach my goals. The biggest goal I have set is to lose 200 pounds before my 35th Birthday (yes, I am THAT old, haha) I know it sounds huge, but that's 2 years from now. That's an average of 8.5 pounds per month for the next 2 years. I feel like that is an attainable goal.

So today, I slept in...until 9:00. My feet were already hurting and I was very unmotivated. The day after I way in is kindof like that sometimes. I wanna slack off because I've got all week. So I watched a little TV, then I watched a little more...I knew we had to leave at 1:15 if I wanted to make it to YPump on time. So around noon, I finially got motivated to shampoo my carpet, Lol...yea that's how I was like speed shampooing, but it got the job done. I headed to the gym at 1:15 with about 1,200 steps in. After Y Pump and Zumba, I felt like I was gonna die. My shoes are warped to the side because I stand on the outsides of my feet and I could FEEL how awful it was. I have like 4 pairs of good tennies shoes that I rotate and 2 pair are ok, the other two (including the pair on my feet) are garbage. So.....since my birthday is Tuesday, I sweet talked Jamie into getting me a new pair. The feel like walking on pillows of heaven! Lol!! They are Fila's and they have memory foam in the soles and they are just awesome sauce.

So after the 3rd shoe store I was set! We also did some errands to a few other places and then ended up at Walmart for my big shopping trip that I usually do every two weeks (after payday). Two hours later, and too much money spent, we left. It was nearly 9:00 and I hadn't even had dinner yet!

So we rush around putting everything away and I went the easy route with a ham & egg scramble because it's quick and easy and full of protein. You would NEVER guess how many steps I got in today!!!! 14,400!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! I may be in some serious pain tomorrow, but I am SUPER proud of myself!!

Here's my breakdown for food today:

Strawberry Mango Smoothie & 2 boiled eggs = 433 cals

6" Turkey & Black Forest Ham Sub at Subway with a bag of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips = 595 cals

3 egg Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Scramble with Turkey Bacon and a piece of Nutty Oat Wheat Bread (that stuff is soooo good and doesn't taste like Wheat!) = 440 cals

*I also took some Fiber Gummies that had 30 cals (watch your supplements for calories, especially gummies!)

Total Calories today = 1498

I'm really happy with my food choices today.

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