Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27th, 2016: Macro this, Macro that...oh and ONE REPUBLIC!

Oh how I ache! Lol.... like really. I have only ached this badly once before and that was the last time I was on this path. It lasted for the first few weeks, and then it wasn't so bad at all. So I keep reminding myself, that it won't always hurt this bad. I won't always feel like I'm rolling a 2 ton bolder out of the bed in the morning. Haha...but that is how I feel right now and it's hard to focus on much else!

I've also been doing some research on Macros. It's confusing and seriously there are so many different things you can focus on to lost weight. Right now, my primary focus is to keep my carbs and fats low and my protein as high as possible. Which is exactly what it says when I look up macros for weightloss in females, but they just keep it within certain percentages. When I looked mine up (google search) it was 50% Protein, 25% Fat, and 25% Carbs. That is HARD. I already know that I live a high carb lifestyle, but thanks to the fact that my sister is on a low carb diet, I've become much more aware of high carb foods and how bad they really are. So...although I'm not going to the extreme of being on a low carb diet (because I LOVE my carbs!!) I am being much more conscious of what I am putting into my body.

I had a typical day at work, followed by getting my butt kicked at Zumba. It was my third day in a row and my 5th exercise class in 4 days. My body is broken. It's kindof funny to me when I go in to a Zumba class or any class there are generally a person or two that will give me "the look" or a sneer or just whisper something to a friend with side-long glances over my way. Uh..hello! I'm right here! And I'm a freaking person! I'm not some donut smashing couch drives me insane INSANE. Like I want to walk over and give her a piece of my mind (and yes, it's almost ALWAYS the women). How sad, that women are pre-programmed to tear each other down? I hate that about our society. Especially in a place that you go to to GET HEALTHY! Of course, that happened today, and my sister caught it. I try not to notice anymore, so they have to be pretty freaking obvious for me to notice. But my sister was off to the side and had a great view of the room and caught it. It broke my spirit a little. But, I'm better than that. She can't bring me down. And she's lucky I'm not the one who saw her, because I have a much bigger mouth than my sister does. :) And I am sure not afraid to use it. I came home and against the scream of my feet...I cooked dinner. I made an old favorite that I had forgotten about. Doc's Chili! You can google it and find it really easy if you type in "Doc's Chili Biggest Loser Recipe" it's super yummy AND the best part was it's Low Calorie and High Protein. AND I had leftovers :) Yay! Win/Win Buddy!!

Oh and the biggest news of my day: So...most of you already know that I sell Younique Makeup. Well, I have had my ticket bought for our Convention that is in August since January. It's in St.Louis and I have No idea what to expect. BUT they are slowly releasing details and today they announced that on the welcoming night of Convention we will get to enjoy a Private Concert by One Republic!! I am sooooooooooo excited!!! That is just so freaking cool! I am ready for August to hurry up and get here!

Ah, I'm so tired I am headed to bed.

Here is my food breakdown for the day:

PB & Banana Smoothie (made with Jiffy PB powder this time, it was alright, but not the same PB punch as the real thing) = 340 cals

Turkey & Colby Jack Sammy with a side of Cottage Cheese & Good Thin Rice Crackers (Veggie Blend, it was yum) = 504 cals

Afternoon Snack
Vanilla Yogurt w/ Kashi Cocoa Granola = 175 cals

2 cups of Doc's Chili = 324 cals

2 servings of Fiber Gummies = 60 cals

Total Calories for today were = 1503 and my protein was higher than ever at 123, but I need a lot more. Oh well...still a work in progress. Y'all keep your heads up and stay positive. :)

Haha, if only!! My life would be much easier....maybe.
I am so in love with this bread!

This right here was the star of the show. :)

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