Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 30th, 2016: Losing Weight & Mood Swings

Did you know that being on a restrictive diet can literally make you cranky?? It can! It's a very common side effect! I've done some research on it (because I experience it like crazy) and there is a lot of truth to it. It can be caused by a lot of different things, like low blood sugar and a lack of certain nutrients. I do take a multi-vitamen every day, so I hope that's not what is causing it. I just know that I hate feeling like I'm ready to snap everyone's head off. I usually start feeling better by the later afternoon, but the mornings are ROUGH and right after I get home from working out is usually pretty bad too. I seriously went into a crazy woman rage last night over a misplaced pair of shoes in the living room. I mean really? Get control of yourself woman! And when I am in the middle of this little hissy-fit business, I seriously feel like I have no control to stop it. Of course, afterwards, I'm all in my feelings and feeling sorry for my poor hubby who has to endure my craziness. I hope this is just a passing phase, because I can't stand being this emotional. It's not just the anger either, I can also cry at the drop of a hat. Annoying. I hate to cry for senseless reasons. It makes me feel weak and I HATE to feel week.

So anywho...I did my leg weights at the gym last night before Zumba, and I want you to know that my legs are singing the praises of almighty King! Lol!! They are hurting something fierce! Honestly, I almost crave that feeling. It's like...I know that if I am feeling achy muscles, then I'm doing something right! That's the feeling of my muscles growing, and the more you build muscle, the higher your metabolism will be. I pretty much have NO I need all the help I can get!

So I pushed through and went to Zumba tonight. I'm glad I did, but it kicked my butt! I love feeling like I'm a part of something. The ladies that were there tonight were super nice!!

Alright I'm off to bed. I'm Sooo ready for the weekend! By the time I get off of work, go workout, get home and cook dinner, prep for lunch the next day and then repack my gym bag and all of that, its 9:00! There aren't enough hours in the day!!

Here is the breakdown of my food for today:


Strawberry Protein Shake with a bowl of strawberry oatmeal with fresh strawberries = 255 cals
Doc's Chili, Turkey Sammy, & Cottage Cheese = 432 cals

*I skipped my afternoon snack today on accident.

Brown Rice w Chicken Tenderloins, and a side salad = 591 cals

Total calories for the day =  1448

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