Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10th, 2016: Post Weigh-in Head Games

Ok, so I don't know about anyone else, but I struggle SO much after I weigh-in. Good or bad. If it's good, then I struggle with reasoning with myself that I had a great week, so I deserve a treat right? If it's bad I struggle with, Well it's not like it matters anyways! I don't deserve a treat, and yes it does matter! Geez Honor, pull it together woman! I 100% believe it's ok to veer off of 'plan' every now and then, so long as it's not something crazy, and as long as I can stay within my calorie goal. Today, I had FAR to many carbs. But...I didn't eat a candy bar, or a bag of candy corn & peanuts, or a yummy Blizzard...nope. I ate crackers with my And I had some Bagel Crisps. Things that I knew were going to throw my carbs over the top today, but it didn't stop me. BUT, my calories were still really good today, so I have NO INTENTION of letting myself get all crazy over it. I can't be perfect on my diet every day. And that's ok. I'm still losing weight. I'm still succeeding at this. And I'm still going to reach my goals.

I spend too much time thinking about what derailed my weight-loss journey last time. It's almost like I feel the need to analyze and over-analyze what happened to try to make sure it doesn't happen again. I mean, I gave up. I quit. The crazy thing is, I was looking at my weight-loss through MyFitnessPal, and you see my weight go down and down all the way to the finish of the Competition and then slowly goes back up. I never kept it even the same for any length of time. What a crying shame! I feel like I have to understand everything that happened though. I have to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself. And I can. I can DO this!

62 pounds....I keep thinking about that. 62 pounds in a little less than 4 months. That's freaking awesome! I have to make sure I don't diminish the significance of that. 72 pounds is how much I lost during the competition. in 4 months. My 4 month mark is 9 days from today for this go-around. I don't think I'm going to match the 72 pound mark, but I feel so much stronger and so much better on the inside than I was back then. And that is super important for getting it off and keeping it off.

So was my day off from the gym. But I have been enjoying how great I feel after I do my lunchtime walks soooo much. So I went ahead and walked today. On my day OFF I've hit my 7k step goal. That makes me happy. :)  Work was a normal crazy Monday and I enjoyed getting to come straight home afterwards. I whipped up a batch of Doc's Chili, and then I've spent my evening sitting here watching a Documentary on Netflix called "Fat to Finish Line". It's very inspiring and has totally got me motivated!

Here is the breakdown of my Food Choices today:

Oats with Simply Fruit Peach Spread and a Banana = 281 cals

 Morning Torture
Apple Cider Vinegar with 4 ounces of Vegetable Juice = 25 cals (it's not so bad now that I'm getting used to it, yes Barbara you were right! Lol)

6oz Chicken and Stirfry, baby carrots, 1oz Colby Jack Cheese = 320 cals

Apple Slices = 80 cals

Another Snack
Bagel Chips =130 cals

3 cups of Doc's Chili and 5 saltine crackers = 546 cals

v8 Fruit Fusion Juice - 50 cals

That puts me at 1432 calories total for the day. Not too shabby considering how horrible my cravings were today. I'm proud of myself for staying strong!


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