Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 30th, 2016: Weigh-in #20: Progress

I know, I know, I've been slacking hardcore on the whole blogging thing. I just have WAY too much going on right now to be able to take 20-30 minutes and sit down and write this thing every day. I honestly don't know how often I'm going to be able to do it because life is just too hectic right now. I will tell you this though. No matter what, I will check in on Sundays with my weigh-ins and if I start to slip, I'll be back daily. It keeps me on point and focused. But right now, ugh...I just can't do it. Lol

Now on with the weigh-in results....(drum roll please) Lol. Last week I weighed 304.4. I went to the gym one time and got in about 25 minutes of cardio. So this week I was, yet again, relying solely on my food choices and regular activity level throughout the day.  I wasn't as active as I was the week before, because, well, simply put...I was worn out! Still am! I feel like I'm going to be unpacking for the rest of my life. Lol

So here I am...ready to weigh in and terrified of the results. I have GOT to reach that 299 by Thanksgiving. So I get on there...and bam 302,4. 2 more pounds. That puts me at 68 pounds in 20 weeks. Just under 5 months. I started on June 18th, so my 23 Week Weigh-in on November 20th will be my 5 month mark. I'm excited to see what my progress is in that length of time. 3 weeks to go.

This upcoming week I am planning to take shoes to work with me and Hopefully get a few good walks in on my lunches. I have seriously just been so tired that I pass smooth out on my lunches these days. I feel like I need that little recharge to get myself through the day. I sure do hope things slow down a bit for us soon. But I don't see that happening. So many things are going on. #1 is finishing organizing the house. The majority of the main rooms are 90% done. But our office is an eye sore of unorganized chaos. And I also have to get Savannah's room ready for her too. Hopefully we find something out on that front tomorrow. Her step-mom is going to court to start the process. Any and all prayers for that will be greatly appreciated. sleepytime tea combined with Melatonin has me ready to hit the sack! Y'all have a great week!!


(I gave up on pictures, my darn facebook won't load on my laptop tonight.) Boo

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