Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 14-16th, 2016: Weigh-in #18 & Playing Catch up

Well...I've definitely been slacking on my blog. But for very good reason. Tomorrow is moving day! And we've been working our fanny's off to get ready. Friday and Saturday I did my workouts at the gym on top of packing. I busted BUT every day in the gym this week. NO SLACKING at all. I was feeling untouchable coming off of a 4 pound loss! So when I got on the scale this morning, I was really expecting a good 2-3 pounds lost. Nope. Notta. Zero. Zilch. That just blows my mind. For real. Like, how can I work this hard and it not show up on the scale? I feel like I've been robbed!

I'm feeling so much stronger now, so much healthier. But the reality is, I still weigh over 300 pounds and have a long road ahead of me. Yea, I've lost 62 pounds, but I have 138 more to go before I'll be satisfied. And weeks like this make it feel impossible.

I didn't go to the gym today. I just had toooo much to do. It was a crazy day. I did sqeek out a half hour to go walk a mile at the park with my sister. I usually have well over 10,000 steps on Sundays, but because of standing around all day filling boxes, I only have 8,500 and I'm twice as tired as I usually am on Sundays. Lol.

Tomorrow morning we close and then at noon I have to head back to work. Jamie thinks we can get pretty much everything out of the apartment tomorrow. I'm not so sure. We shall see!

I definitely won't be blogging tomorrow, and possibly not Tuesday. We will see. But I'll be posting plenty on facebook. ;) Love you guys! Thank you so much for your support! Keep us in your prayers this week, that we don't kill each other during this move! Haha.

I'm gonna leave it at that and toss some pics on here. Remember, if your curious about my food choices to check out MyFitnessPal! I had some pretty darn low-cal white beans and ham yesterday! Yum!
Saturday....I was being a baby (Milo Photobombing, lol)
Chili & Pork Chops

My yummy super low-cal lunch today

White Beans & Ham

I eat too much chili!!

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