Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 1st & 2nd, 2016: Weigh-In #16

Wow! It has been an insanely crazy couple of days. I don't even know if I REMEMBER everything that happened. LOL.

I had said that I would weigh in yesterday, because I had my Employee Outing that night and I knew my diet would NOT be on point and I planned a little cheat night. So I got up and hopped on the scale with a little tiny bit of optimism. 315 is what I weighed last week and then yesterday was 313. So 2 pounds. I was sure hoping for 3, but 2 is ok. I didn't really spend a whole lot of time stressing about it. I had a LOT going on. So 58 pounds are gone. Forever. HOPEFULLY I will hit the 60 pound mark this next week.

I headed to the gym, planning to do Zumba and some more Cardio so that I hit my 10k steps like usual on Saturdays. dice. I didn't have it in me. I did Zumba, had 7,000 steps and that was all I could make myself do. I took a shower at the gym so that I could work on my makeup on the way home to cut down on time. When I got home, I finished getting ready and straightened my hair so that my sis could come over and put those big pretty curls in my hair. Once I was complete, my cousin Jessica was over and we did her hair and makeup. We were looking like some hot sexy mamas!! Haha. Once we were all done, Jamie and I loaded up and headed to Cape early so that we could go to a few places.

I was super excited because we found a few PERFECT Christmas Presents (yes, I've already started, lol, I always start early) and then we HAD to check out the candle sale at Bath & Body works. I may have possibly gotten a few more lotions and sprays that smell amazing too. Hehe. I LOVE that place.

Next we headed over to the Italian Restaurant, Bella Italia, for the beginning of the Employee Outing. We enjoyed some really great food, and had a really nice time. I had not eaten a single thing all day up to that point. I KNOW that's bad, but I REALLY for real wasn't hungry, and I had a Vanilla Light Monster in the morning and then I was running around like crazy and just didn't even miss food. SUCH a WEIRD thing for me!

After dinner we went to the Casino. I decided against wasting my money, haha, and so did Jessica. So we headed up to this Veranda that overlooks the Mississippi River and they have adorable little fireplaces out there and comfy couches and we just had us some Strawberry Daiquiris and visited for a while. Slowly, other people came up to hang out and we really enjoyed ourselves! My favorite tech, who is like a little brother to me, bought some Vegas Bomb Shots (Crown, Peach Schnapps,  & Red Bull), I've never had that stuff before, so I had one. Eww...No, no. Rubbing Alcohol would have tasted better!! LOL. Needless to say, I got a little tipsy and acted like a drunken teenager. Haha, but it was FUN and I enjoyed myself!

On to today.....I got up...and I just had to check the scales to see how bad the damage was. And guess what!???! Still 313! So my night on the town did not cost me any of my progress. Thank GOD.

I worked on organizing and stuff to get ready for our move this morning. That's going to be an ongoing thing for the next few weeks. Then I got ready and headed to the gym. I pushed through YPump and then headed to Zumba. For the first half of class it was a private lesson again. Lol. Afterward, I got a shower and headed out because I was supposed to be doing some pics of an adorable little girl tonight. Well THAT didn't work out because the little girl got hurt. So I headed to get some of my grocery shopping done, then came home and unloaded. Meanwhile my phone was BLOWING UP, because Jamie was cleaning out our storage units and we are selling a ton of stuff. So I got to deal with that while trying to shop and stuff. I came home and unloaded the groceries and then headed to Walmart for the remainder of my weekly torture. Haha. By the time I got home I was STARVED, so I warmed up some Doc's Chili and started working on my lunches. NOW I'm going to finish this up and then finish up my lunches for the week.

Here's the breakdown of my food for yesterday:

Vanilla Light Monster = 100 cals

2 servings of Lasagna, 1 serving of this yummy alfredo dish, 2 yeast rolls, and a side salad = 1148 cals

1.25 Strawberry Daiquiri, a one Vegas Bomb Shot = 360 cals

So that was 1608 calories, not too shabby for a Cheat Night. :)

Here is the breakdown for my food choices for today:
3 Eggs, 4 Slices of Turkey Bacon and a quarter cup of Mozzarella Cheese, 390 cals

Before Workout
Protein Shake = 210 cals

Afternoon Snack cuz I missed lunch
Roasted Almonds & Vanilla Light Monster = 270 cals

Doc's Chili = 324 cals

1 tsp Honey = 21 cals

Total calories for today was 1215. So that honey is from the new torture I've brought on myself. I heard about these AMAZING Benefits of Apple Cidar Vinegar (with the Mother-whatever that means) and it's good for a TON of things, but most importantly, your digestive tract. So...we all know that I've been having some issues with that. So I'm gonna try it. Even though I may die. Vinegar is NASTY and I'm voluntarily drinking it. Lol. I tried to mask the flavor with some honey and cinnamon and a few other things that I found from a recipe courtesy of Google, but we shall see. Right now, I feel like I have a belly full of vinegar! Hopefully I don't have insane heartburn tonight. LOL.

Sorry so long, I'm shutting up!


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