Saturday, October 8, 2016

October 8th, 2016: And That's a Wrap!

Today marks the end of my weightloss week (weigh-in tomorrow) and I have successfully achieved a goal I set for myself earlier this weekend! I hit over 10,000 steps every single day this week, excluding my day off! That is such a huge deal for me!! I want to be able to do it every week, but I don't always have the time to spend that long at the gym to make that happen. Especially with getting ready to move.

We were hoping to be able to close on the house this upcoming Tuesday, but that didn't happen, so then we were hoping for Friday since we could move that weekend, but sadly, the people who send over the closing papers are a little bogged down, and we didn't get the papers in enough time for Friday to happen either. So now we are hoping for the following Monday. 9 days away.

I woke up at the butt crack of dawn this morning for some reason.
Jamie got up at 6 to get ready for work, and usually I'll get up and go potty and then go back to sleep for a few hours. But no, I was wide awake. What in the world?

So I got up and started a few house chores and then I made myself a yummy breakfast. A toasted whole wheat English Muffin with egg, turkey bacon and cheese. You was so yummy! I could have eaten like ten of them. Lol.

Afterwards I headed to the gym and got my 10,000 steps in before I left. I LOVE having 10,000 steps before noon! It's SUPER satisfying! I did Zumba, then walked for 20 minutes, and then I did 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer. BAM! Done!

I headed home and seriously was about to fall asleep driving home! That crappy sleep sure caught up with me quick! So I decided to have me a nice little afternoon nap...I walked in my door planning to head to bed, but somehow I ended up eating a serving of Pringles. I felt like I was starving! Why must Pringles taste so dang amazing??  It must've been what I needed though, because after I had me a serving of those tasty little fat makers...I took my nap. Well kinda...there was a lot going on outside and my little Pommy thought she needed to protect the freaking universe! So she barked like a dad-burned psychopath for over an hour. I was soo sleepy that I just laid there trying to fall asleep...eventually I did get about an hour nap.

After my nap I spent the rest of my afternoon/evening packing. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It's an opportunity to go through things and get rid of things I don't use or need. But it's soooo time consuming.

You guys....I need you to say a prayer for me. I NEED to have at least a 2 pound loss tomorrow! It will put me at the 60 pounds lost mark. I'm soooo ready! Alright, that's all I've got for today. Y'all have a great day tomorrow!

Here's the breakdown of my food from today:

Turkey Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Whole Wheat McMuffin =  377 cals

1 serving of Pringles, 2 boiled eggs, and a Greek Yogurt = 373 cals

16g Almonds = 91 cals

Whole Wheat Tortilla chips with Taco Meat, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese and salsa (mm, mmm good!) = 503 cals

That puts me at 1374 calories for today. And thanks to having over 13k steps today, I burnt over 1,000 of those in exercise. :) Which means I came out pretty great today!


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