Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 4th 2016: What A Day!

Oh ma goodness! This Apple Cider Vinegar stuff is NO joke y'all! I made me some this morning before I went to work. This time I did a 16oz cup with water, then 2tbs of ACV, squeezed half of a lemon and then added a butt load of that sugar free strawberry drink mix-in stuff in the little squirt bottles..yea that...a bunch! LOL...it wasn't quite as unbearable as the first time, but BLEH! I don't know WHY I torture myself...haha...oh yea...because of the AMAZING health benefits! I've added a pic to show you just SOME of the benefits, if you're interested.

So thanks to the amazing things it is supposed to help with, I am stuck making myself drink it. And I tell ya what, my stomach IS feeling Better! I mean, it's a little yucky after I down that vinegary mess. But about half an hour later, I'm fine, and I really do feel better. Woohoo! My sore throat is a thing of the past, and I couldn't be happier!

My day went by pretty smoothly after that mess. I went for a walk on my lunch break. I did it a little different from the way I have the past few times. I was walking until my FitBit showed a mile, down this field road, and then turned around and walked back. However...that rain scare last week had me a little apprehensive about getting that far away from the office on foot. So, instead, I walked half a mile, then turned back and then once I hit the office, I kept walking on the pavement another half mile in the other direction. Except it wasn't...I didn't account for the loooong driveway at work, and somehow I ended up walking for 55 minutes, which, with me normally walking a 20 minute mile, means that I walked nealy 3 miles. My FitBit showed a little less than 2.5 miles, but I guess it was off, because I drove it and it was more like 2,7 miles. I was EXHAUSTED when I got back to the office! I was ready to take a darn nap! And I hadn't even hit my 7k steps after all that mess! 
After work, I headed to the gym and did legs and then Zumba. Then I went and took care of my boss's kitties and came home. Lucky me, Jamie through the meat in the oven, so I threw together a few salads and dinner was served! I'm currently sitting at almost 14k steps for today!! WHAT!?!?! That's an all time record for a work day! Yay for lunchtime walks that feel like torture at the time but feel oh-so-amazing at the end of the day. :)

Here is the breakdown of my amazing food choices today: :)
Oats w/ Splenda Brown Sugar and sugar free syrup = 193
Chicken Stir-Fry, Cottage Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes & Sugar Free Monster-Ultra Red = 296 cals 
(I needed that energy drink to survive the day after all that walkin'!)
Bananas & Cream Protein Shake & Black Grapes = 224 cals
After workout
Almonds = 170 cals
Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops & Side Salad 378 cals

That lands me at 1261 calories total for the day and a whopping 139 g of Protein and only 90 g of Carbs...that makes me incredibly happy! Lol. Getting those numbers in the right ratios that I need them is insanely difficult and frustrating! 
Y'all have a great Hump Day tomorrow!

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