Friday, October 7, 2016

October 7th, 2016: Early Christmas....not THIS Early though! Haha

Wow, what a day!! Work was absolutely insane today. It's close to people's due dates and also close to shut off's for the people who still haven't paid last month's bills. What a mess! I was going non-stop all day.

I did muster up the motivation to go on a walk on my lunch. I only walked about a mile and a half, so that left me with more to make up for after work. I had to run straight to the Y to meet someone picking up a little high chair that I bought (and never used) when my nephews were smaller. And then I realized I was supposed to drop some makeup off for someone, so I ran back across town to drop that off.

Then I remembered that I had one last day of kitty duty, so I went and did that. Ahhhh, finally gym time. I was relatively motivated because I wanted to make sure I hit my 10k steps today! I'm doing it every single day this week, except for my one day off. I'm DOING it!  And that's just what I did today. I did 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer, while watching 2 Episodes of the Bold & the Beautiful, haha. Good stuff to rot my brain. And that was all it took to push me over!

After that I had to hurry to the China Buffet and grab us some dinner, because we had to go to a town
about 40 minutes away to pick out my early Christmas present. We made a deal YEARS ago that when we bought a house and as long as it had a fenced in yard, we would get a Great Dane. Today, my dream came true. :) I got to pick out exactly what I wanted too, a beautiful Blue (Gray) Great Dane, boy. His name shall be Duke. Jamie says he is going to call him Sir Duke. Bahahaha. I find that hilarious for some reason. He will be ready on November 19th (my mom's birthday) to come home with us forever. I can't wait!
Meet Duke!!

And that's all I've got! It's almost midnight and I'm exhausted!

Here's the breakdown of my food today

Oats with Brown Sugar and sugar free syrup = 193 cals

Morning Torture
Apple Cidar Vinegar with V8 Vegetable Juice = 60 cals

Chicken Stir-fry, cherry tomatoes & 2 Light String Cheese = 296 cals

Apple Slices & Protein Shake = 240 cals

Black Pepper Chicken & Breaded Shrimp = 530 cals

That put me at 1319 calories for today. And I burnt over 1000, so I'm feeling good about today. :)


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