Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6th, 2016: 10K For the Win!!

So I had anticipated walking on my lunch break today. I hate the actual act of doing it, but afterward I am sooooo proud of my accomplishment and getting a jump on my steps for the day. However, come lunch break was over 85 degrees outside, and this girl does not do well in direct sunlight over 85 degrees. I get heat migraines....and since I'm all on this whole "no migraine" thing these days, I'm not about to voluntarily get one! In fact, I did get one on Tuesday! It was 89 degrees outside, I had NO idea, when I started walking, that it was that hot. There was a nice breeze and it was ok. But after walking in the sun all that time, it got to me, and I had a mild migraine (worse than a headache, but not as bad as a normal migraine) for a few hours afterward. So no, I didn't want a repeat performance today. Plus, I was taking note of how dog-on sore my upper thighs and calves were! Something I do want to note though, my feet weren't killing me today. That is a HUGE improvement from the past. I think the Plantar Faciitus may actually be improving! That makes me super happy!

Let's back this up to this morning for a sec...I'm on my Apple Cidar Vinegar 'kick'. I really feel like it's helping with some things. First of all, the whole detoxing thing, yea...that's happening! Lol. I also have noticed that, even though I'm not taking water pills this week (testing this stuff out for real) I have still been peeing a lot. Which is a BIG deal for me, because I retain water really badly. That's why I always have swollen ankles. Today I took my ACV with some V8 Vegetable Juice. Best Combo Yet! Except for one small problem. Jamie got the regular V8 instead of the low sodium kind, so it has an insane amount of sodium in it. I don't know if I'll continue to use the V8 because of how much sodium it does have, but I have enough to make 2 more, so I'll go ahead and drink it. It tasted SUPER salty today. I'm not sure if it was the combination of the two, or just the simple fact that it had that high sodium. Who knows, but I got it down WAAAY easier than any other day, so yay for that! Lol.

After work today I headed to the gym, I managed to get a short walk in before Zumba, and then I got 45 minutes of Zumba in. She ended the class early so that she could get home in time to watch a show. Haha. Silly woman. ;) By the time I got home and cooked dinner and all that mess I had made it up to a little over 8,000 steps. Waaaaay to close to 10k to just leave it right? So I did what any normal person would do and I went outside and walked up and down our side street until I hit those 10,000 steps! That puts me at getting 10k on every single day this week except for my day off. I've NEVER done that before. I LOVE seeing my abilities improve more and more! Oddly enough, I also love feeling these sore tells me I'm doing something right!

Alright, I am exhausted, and I have a detoxifying mask on my face that needs washed off! LOL So here's the breakdown of my food choices for today:

Oats w/brown sugar and sugar free syrup = 193 cals

Apple Cider Vinegar, 11oz V8 = 60 cals

Doc's Chili, Cottage Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes = 370 cals

Almonds = 170 cals

Burger on Sandwhich This with Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Balsamic Glazed Mushroom and Mayo with Olive Oil, and a side salad = 428 cals

That puts me at 1221 calories totoal for today. And I burnt 910 calories with exercise...according to MyFitness Pal, if every day were like today, I'd weigh 289 pounds in 5 weeks! Lol. That would be 24 I sure WISH!!


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