Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24th, 2016: My New Gym

Today was a good day as far as Monday's go. Work almost feels like a break after all of the chaos of my life. Haha. Jamie got our new membership started at the gym in Dexter. After work, I ran by Lowes and then came home and cooked dinner and headed over to the new gym.

I don't like change. And my life has been soooo full of change lately. So when we pulled up and I saw the faces of a ton of people I didn't know...eek...I just wanted to go back home. But I knew I needed to get a workout in. I was actually kindof craving it.

So I went in and I got busy. I kept it short because I was there with my mom and sister and Jamie and we were all over the place checking out everything. I did 20 minutes on there Arc Trainer, it's not the same as what I'm used to, but I'll make it work. And then we checked out the spin bikes because we want to start going to spin classes once we get our tooshies used to the bikes again. Lol. Those darn bikes HURT. It's definitely something you don't just jump into. We did 5 minutes and we were good to go.

And that's it. Nothing crazy today, but I went. I cooked dinner before I went, but I wasn't hungry, so when I got home I ate and started ma blog. I'm having a little bit of issues getting my calories in today. I don't even know how that happened. I'm normally hungry all the time. I'm also someone who eats when I'm bored, but not today. I have just over 800 calories and have already eaten dinner. So I'll have to figure something out so that MyFitnessPal will let me log my day. They won't let you do less than 1000...guess I'll have some almonds or something. Haha

That's it! I'm exhausted and headed to bed at a decent hour!

Here's the breakdown of my Food Choices for today:

Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, Sugar Free Syrup and a half tbsp of butter = 239 calories

Chicken Stir-Fry with Baby Carrots and a String Cheese = 325 cals

Apple Cider Vinegar with Vegetable Juice = 25 cals

3 cups of Doc's Chili (I got crazy!) = 486 cals

That puts me at 1075 calories. I may have me something else before I go to bed, but idk, I'm sleepy now and full. Lol.

Have a great day tomorrow y'all!

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