Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 12th, 2016: Late Night Stroll

Is it really only Wednesday? I mean seriously. This has got to be the longest week ever in life. Maybe because I'm wishing it away! I am ready to close, close, close. Am I being annoying yet? I mean do ya blame me! This is like...the biggest thing ever!

So I was late for work today, rough morning. 7 whole minutes dang it! Then I stayed pretty busy until lunch. I went out to my truck, ready to put my shoes on and go for a walk. Nope. It was sprinkling. Boo. So no walk. By the time I got off from work, I barley had 3,000 steps in. So off to the gym I went. I think I'm broken. I sat in my truck for 45 minutes. I finally talked myself in to going in and doing the Wednesday night Zumba and as I walked in there was a note on the door saying it was cancelled. Just my luck. So I go back out to get my headphones so that I could walk, and it felt soooo amazing outside, that I decided to drive back to town and go walk at the park! So I headed home.

As I was driving back to Dexter, it started raining, really? What kind of luck is this! So I went on home and got a start on dinner and was super sad that I only had 3,000 steps and I was feeling insanely lazy and tired! I started kindof freaking out because it just kept raining. What was I gonna do?

I cooked dinner, thinking it was gonna be healthy stuff, but now that I look at it, I'm thinking, what in the world? We had carbs with a side of carbs! Lol.

After dinner I sweet talked my hubby into going on a walk with me. We got 2 miles in while it was sprinkling. And it felt amazing! I wish I could do that every night. It really was wonderful!

Now it's 10pm and this girl is tired!

Here's the breakdown of my food choices for today:

Oats with Peach Preserves and a small banana = 281 cals

Apple Cider Vinegar with Vegetable Juice = 25 cals

Chicken Stir-fry with baby carrots and colby jack cheese = 320 cals

Apple Slices & 2 boiled eggs = 216 cals

2 Chicken & Cheese Quesedilla's on Whole Wheat Tortillas and a half cup of homemade refried beans = 618 cals (youch!)

That put me at 1460 calories for the day and way too many carbs. Tomorrow will need to be a low carb day to help combat the last few days. Boo. I Love Carbs. I'd marry carbs if I could. I need bread and pasta and potatoes!! Lol. Oh well, at least I can still have some crazy days every now and then and still stay in check. That's what really matters. Simply because, this isn't a race, this isn't temporary. This is my new life! Yes, my daily diet may be a little more restrictive than what it will be once I get 200 pounds off, but I can never go back to the old way. Eating whatever I want, when I want. It doesn't work for me. It makes me miserable. Maybe if I keep telling myself that, I will stay on track, right? Haha.

Thanks for reading and supporting me. :)


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