Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 22 & 23rd 2016: Weigh-in #19 & a Quick Weekend Review

I seriously can't even wrap my head around everything that is changing in my world these days. It's seriously so stressful because I don't want to screw anything up. I have never made such huge life-altering decisions in my entire life. In this week, Jamie and I have made some big changes. Not just the house. We bought all new appliances for the first time ever too. And then, we also made a few more big decisions.

Our primary focus right now is realigning our budget to make sure we are good to go when Savannah gets here. So we decided to stop our membership at the Y and move it over to a smaller gym here in Dexter. That was an insanely difficult decision for me. I won't be able to go to Zumba at the new gym because it's at 5:15 and I couldn't get there until 5:30 in work clothes and then still have to change. No chance. But We will be paying a third of what we were paying at the Y. And that's important.

We also decided to see about trading in our vehicles. My primary focus was to lower our interest rate and payments, but also to get newer, smaller vehicles with less miles on them (ours both had over 125k on them) and better miles per gallon. Mine got 18 miles per gallon. Lol. Gas guzzler. I LOOOOVE my Explorer, but I just know that that many miles means lots of upcoming maintenance that we wouldn't be able to afford. And we already knew that Jamie's needed a ton of work.

So yesterday morning I headed up to a dealership that we've used before to see where we stood and see if what I wanted to do was even possible. We were easily approved for loans, but we were upside down on both vehicles. The little car I looked at was nice, but I had compared it to another one I was interested in and refused to take the deal they offered me, until I checked out the other one. The other one was a Honda Fit and in the comparison, in kicked the first one's booty. So by the time I got done at the first dealership, it was after 1pm, I had eaten a small banana all day and I was starved. I came home and had a bowl of Doc's chili and some apples, and did a load of laundry which caused a flooded utility room because my wonderful husband didn't tighten down our washer cords with a wrench. Lol.

The Honda Dealership was having a Midnight Madness Sale which meant they were selling cars until midnight and they had some great deals going on. I tricked my cousin Jessica into going up there with me and we headed that way. Jamie came a few hours after us because he had to work. 5 hours later, we drove out of the dealership in 2 brand spankin' new cars. I got a 2016 Honda Fit, and he got a 2016 Honda Civic. We got an AMAZING Warranty Package on them and I went from 22% interest to 1.9% interest, and he went from 22,9% interest to 5% interest. We didn't get the lower payments we wanted, but we got great vehicles that won't be

 giving us any mechanical issues, and if they do, they'll be covered now. What a Blessing!
I mean seriously. I think I was in shock that it all worked out!

By the time we left the dealership it was 1am and we hadn't had dinner! So we went to Denny's and had a pretty amazing and not to crazy high in calorie dinner. Then I had to drive home, which was interesting since I was totally ready to crash!

Today was a totally chilled out day compared to yesterday. I got up around 9:30 and very nervously stepped on the scale. I was a little terrified of what I might see after eating dinner in the middle of the night. my super huge surprise...the scale dropped from 308.8 to 304.4...4 pounds baby! Hellooooooo!!!! I am so ridiculously happy about that since I haven't worked out in a dang week. I mean, I've been a busy bumble bee and have kept moving hardcore, so at least that paid off! I am so proud!!! 66 pounds down!! Almost below 300 and I just know I'll be there before Thanksgiving! Yay!!! What an amazing end to the craziest week ever in my life. :)

That's all I've got for you guys tonight! Have an amazing day and I plan to start blogging daily again now that we are getting more settled.


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