Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 161: Ants in Your Pants

Today was a 10-7 work day that went pretty steady. I went to my sisters place for lunch and had nearly the same thing as yesterday. Lol. The company is nice. And I can only do that on the weekends because she will usually work past 2 during the week. So I just had to take advantage while I could!

Work was very uneventful except that my very good friend Olivia came to pick up pictures of her family so I got to see her for 5 whole minutes! Darn being busy! Lol. This woman is disappearing on me! She's lost nearly 50 pounds and was much smaller than I am when she started so she's almost to her goal weight and looking FANTASTIC! I have to admit that I'm jealous! Lol. I know that I will get there one day, but it's going to take me longer. That's just the reality of my situation.

The number one priority it me right now is getting cardio back into my routine! I have to have it to lose weight. My body won't let go of my fat unless I do. Part of it is due to the fact that I can't seem to be 'strict' enough on what I eat. No matter how hard I try, it seems that every day I do something that isn't acceptable, as far as food choices go, in my rule book. So I have to exercise. A lot. I HAVE to get the scale going down again. It seems I am plateaued and I'm super mad about it. On the other hand, my knee is really feeling better, so I'm going to hit the gym for a bit tomorrow and see what I can do and PRAY that it doesn't hurt!

My cousin has two kids that have birthdays just a few days apart in the beginning of May, so I am helping her throw a Luau Birthday party for them and, of course, make a cake. :-) I got some cute little hula dancers and a couple of other figurines for the cake and I'll be putting it together this week. Fun stuff!

So my title says Ants in Your pants and that's because that's how I feel right now. Jamie and I have decided that we want to move into town. I hate the 15 minute drive to town because I spend so much time IN town and it's insanely inconvenient to live out of town. Plus our electric bill just eats its alive!! But we have every intention of doing it the 'right' way. That means saving up plenty of money for a deposit and first months rent. Plus I want to be able to use a Uhaul so that it's easier. I don't know how long it will be but I have been thinking about it non-stop!! Lol.

Have a good night!
<3 Honor


  1. Thanks for your compliments but I have to say I still don't feel like I look really good. I know it is crazy. I wonder if I'll always be stuck in a fat girl mindset. I remember feeling so fat in high school and then after gaining all my weight thinking... I looked good in high school... well now I'm back down to high school (at least I fit in my prom dress) and I still can't get my mind thinking that I look good all the time. Sometimes every now and then I have what I call "skinny" days. Today was not one... one day maybe I'll feel good about myself all the time but I wonder if this is something I'll deal with my whole life. I also think this is a reason I don't really know how to take compliments... I just am like "thanks... glad you think so" Oh well one day it might get better. Hang in there girl! I wish I lived closer and we could work out together! prayers your way!

    1. I know EXACTLY how you feel...well almost...I still have a LONG way to go, but I'll run in to someone and they'll say, "Wow Honor, you look great!" and my first instinctive thought is, No I don't, I'm still such a fatty!" lol. But I totally have days when I feel smaller and days that I call "fat days" lol. And that's how I felt today!! Ever since the scale stopped moving I've kindof been stuck in Fat Day mode. :(

      I absolutely wish we lived closer! I know that we would be GREAT motivation for each other :-) Boo on living an hour apart. Lol