Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 166: I knew I had it in there!

Today has been a good one. I actually got up and packed my lunch, which makes me feel good, because then its just easier to make healthier choices because it's all right there for me. I bought these wraps made by Flat Out and they are 100 calories per wrap and not to bad! I can't seem to find anything yummy and low cal to put on my wraps though. I'm going to look up some stuff and see if I can come up with anything and if I do I'll be sure to share. :)

Work actually seemed to fly by today. I got to take pictures of a friends beautiful almost four year old baby and she did fabulous! And then one of my girls that work for me came in and did family pics that turned out really great! And I got a SUPER cute maternity pic of her with her hubby. :-)) the rest of the day went by pretty quick! And thank goodness it did, because I was there for 10 hours! I did so great on my food until after work :( I went grocery shopping and got some really good stuff. I even found a ranch 2 calorie spray! I will be trying that out tomorrow.

But then I was super hungry and lost my stinking mind long enough to convince myself into going through a drive thru. :( and I felt AWFUL why did I give in?? I don't know! I felt down right stupid afterward. Why spend so much effort all day to do good just to spoil it in the end. I CAN do this!

I got a bike today. See I made so many good decisions today. But dinner was my downfall. BOO!! Tomorrow will be better because I made it all the way to 9:00 tonight without messing up. And tomorrow I will make it ALL day! Bet!!
(pray for me, lol, no but really!) :-)) You know I love you guys :-)

I only have to work 4 hours tomorrow! I'm so excited about that! Then I get to
go to a birthday party for my cousin Jessica and her hubby. Woohoo. :-) then I think I'm gonna have to do some prep work for two cakes that I have to make this week. A safari baby shower and a graduation cake. :)

<3 Honor

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