Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 176: Thankful for nice People!

Well I expected today to be full of the same old same old but it actually wasn't to bad! Well it was definitely hectic for a while, but hectic is better than bore out of my mind :) Plus, I made my sits and sales goal for work before lunch! So that made for a stress free afternoon. I had two really sweet sisters do walkins before lunch and they both had little babies that did good for me so I went to lunch a happy camper. Poor Ariel isn't having as good of a day as me, but I'm sure it will all work out. :)

I've been doing really good about packing my lunches so that I'm sure I have good healthy food to eat. Plus I like being able to 'look forward' to what I've brought. :-) today it was turkey and cheese roll-ups, celery with peanut butter(just a hint for flavor) baby carrots, & cantelope. Yum! And then I had the afternoon ahead of me. Four more hours of work...not bad. I ha another nice lady with cute kids, so the afternoon went pretty well too! Yay! I had a crazy few hours after work because I had to grab a sub for dinner, then go get a little workout at the gym, and then head to bible study (better late than never) and got home around 10:30. The problem with all of that is that I ate dinner earlier than usual and ended up snacking on some not so healthy choices. Not terrible, but could have been better. I know that's on me, but it's HARD. Part of it is that I've been brow-beating myself all day because the sale has not been kind to me this week. It hasn't budged one but. But we'll see what happens tomorrow. If I believed in the magic 8-ball I think it would tell me, "Outlook not good" lol. Oh well...I'm fired up for next week!
<3 Honor

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