Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 174: She works Hard for the Money

Ok...sometimes I really do work hard for the money I make! Lol. When I have a two year old in the studio that is not about to do anything that isn't his idea! Thank goodness my first appointment of the day was the only one for a few hours! Because I used it all up! It typically takes me about fifteen minutes to capture 9-12 super cute poses that will have the parents overjoyed when they start to order pics. And then there's two year olds, almost two year olds, and three year olds that are still acting like they're two! Haha. And that's exactly what my first session was. A terrible two year old. Lol. He was super cute and insanely smart!! And his parents were obviously very good with him, but no matter how good the parent...those terrible twi's can beat ya. And I spent over an HOUR getting some sellable images of that kiddo! But the parents were awesome, because they blame me sometimes for their children's behaviors and I hate that! I was worried that I would be starving by the time I got done with them because I was running late this morning and only managed to grab a banana and a V8 Fusion+Energy drink. I don't know of they really give me any energy or not but I love them because it's 50 calories of YUM and has a serving of fruit and veggies in it!

I've been trying really hard to cut out my morning snack to try to save more calories for later in the day since I seem to screw up so much later in the day. I did great yesterday...until I had a blizzard AFTER eating Mexican with my sis. Eating out is BAAAAF for me! And I've just really got to quit!

I made it to lunch today and then I pigged out (on healthy stuff) I had 440 calories worth of veggies, fruit, a little deli turkey, and a yogurt. And I Barely was able to eat the yogurt! Lol. But if I hadn't eaten it it would have spoiled and plus, I really needed the probiotics in the yogurt. So next time I'll have to leave something out! It's always jars for me to get all of my veggies in. I'm just not a fan of hardly any veggies! Brocolli, baby carrots, green beans and tomatoes that's it. I can sneak some celery in there occasionally with some veggie dip, and lettuce on a sandwich. But that is definitely one of my toughest food obstacles.

After work I did a little shopping with my hubby and came home to fix dinner and thanks to having to shop, I ate at 9:30! Wow! See why I stay up so late! I watched a little tv and now here it is midnight and I'm ready to go out for the night! Lol.
Hasta Lavista! Baby. Hehe
<3 Honor

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