Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 167: Family

I watched the Biggest Loser finale last night and I'm always amazed at how gorgeous these people look in the end! I know there were a whole lot of people that hated Conda this season, but to me, she came in there with an attitude. Ok...we all have our moments. But I really think she did a lot of changing through the season. And she looked beautiful at the finale. They all did. It always makes me yearn to try to get on the show. Lol. But that's just not in this sisters cards. We have to have my income to pay our bills. I know how to lose it. I just do so well in a competition atmosphere and they teach you so much about keeping it off that is invaluable information.

I had a really good day today. I only had to work for 4 hours and then I got to go hang out with some of my cousins for their birthday BBQ. It was nice to spend a Saturday evening hanging out with family and enjoying their company. I wish we had the opportunity to do it more often!

I'm going to bed early tonight because I'm really tired. Lol.
<3 Honor

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