Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 173: It's gonna be loooong

Yep. I've decided it's going to be a very long week. I worked shorter shifts earlier this week and have shorter ones later next week. So that means the next five days I'm working a lot of hours and I'm not excited about it. :( And today was the starter that got me into that frame of mind. Work is dead at the moment. I don't know why, but it is. And I've got news for the people who run my company...I can't force people to get pics taken.

The afternoon went way better than the morning because I had a really sweet girl being her baby in and she was six months old and had just gotten her home from the hospital for the first time. She was born with her intestines in the outside of her body and she was super sweet and so thankful to have her baby girl. It was contagious! So that made my evening go a lot better :) plus I had some nice talks with Ariel who was working in the Cape studio yesterday, so that helped the time go by.

After work I went to eat with my sister. It was great to catch up! Our schedules conflict a lot now with her new job, so I rarely see her during the week, and I'm used to seeing her a LOT during the week. It's definitely a change. And I'm not adjusting well to it! Lol.

I didn't get home until after ten, so I did a little bit of dishes, and watched a little tv and then I was down for the count! Lol. Somehow I still didn't get to bed until after midnight though...I've got to figure out how to fix that! Lok

Good night!
<3 Honor

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