Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 162: Funky Cake

Today was a short day at work. I can honestly say that I didn't accomplish much at work because one of my girls came in to pick up her pics and she just came home from being out of town for a long weekend and sober spent a little time visiting and then a little later my cousin came by and we ended up talking about her world and life and a lot of stuff and we ended up going to eat after I got off and finishing our conversation and just had a good visit. Then I came home and helped my honey put a desk together for his momma. THAT was a challenge. Lol. We always seem to have blond moments when we put things together.

Afterward, we went to bible study, together...that was a nice change. I was very proud of him because he behaved himself. :) Mostly. Lol. Our small group was definitely small tonight. If we hadn't had visitors from another group it would have been tiny! Of course that's what happens when 3 couples are out for different reasons. Lol. But we still had a good bible study. I really enjoyed it and if course I enjoyed the company. :)

Now I'm home and it's late and I'm going to stay up even later because I have some cakes in the oven for my cousins kiddos birthday party. It's going to be so cute! I'm doing a two tier and the bottom tier is white cake that I dyed three different colors and out into the baking pan all funky so it's going to be very cool looking. I'll attach a pic of the batter before I cooked them. :)

Good night!
<3 Honor

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