Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 170: Weigh Day...

Ok, so now that it's the end of the week I will tell you all what has been going on...it's hard to share hen you are failing WHILE you are still failing. Which, I'm sure it's been pretty noticeable, but here goes.

It's been almost four weeks since my knee injury. And as far as real exercise goes, I've done a total of one hour of Zumba (30 minutes at the Relay, an made it through 30 minutes two weeks ago before the pain set in) and that's about it up until this week. Plus, my eating choices have been crap. I was up by 8 pounds!! How disgusting! I know I had an injury, but dang. Ad every time I would get in the scale I would get more and more depressed about it and wonder if I was ever going to get back on track 100%. I hadn't completely let go, but I just can't anymore. But, I fell in to some old patterns and hid behind a bum knee.

My knee is better. But it still hurts. And it may stay that way. But I've GOT o find a way to make this happen around the knee pain. And when I got on the scale, my change in attitude had definitely paid off. I lost half of the 8! 4 pounds down this week!

And I'm PRAYING the other 4 goes next week. I know that's a big expectation, but I've GOT to get headed back in the right direction. And the eating is soooooo hard for me. I have to have such a vigorous workout schedule because I'm constantly screwing up on my food. Which is something I'm definite trying to work on. I don't have time to workout 10-12 hours a week and keep up with my position at work, church and activities with church, and my cake orders, and the housework. It's just to much. So, I've GOT to make better eating choices and really stick with it. I've been doing really good this last week.

Let's see how good this week can go :)
<3 Honor

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  1. You have got to be my long lost soul sister. The eating thing is SOOO hard for me too. One thing that has really helped me (when I'm smart enough to go) is Overeater's anonymous. FANTASTIC organization, great and courageous people, love and the lessons help redirect me toward Christ, who is the only one who can heal my stubborn heart in this area. Keep going! 8 pounds is nothing in the face of your determination to succeed. You can do it!