Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30th, 2016: It's Fri-Yay!!!

I don't know what it is about a Friday that just puts ya in a good mood! Oh yea..the weekend part. Haha. Well today was no exception. And to make it even better, I got Colton's for lunch and I got an extra 15 minutes on my lunch break today. PLUS I got off an hour early.

As soon as my lunch break started, I threw on some walkin' shoes and headed on my country road walk. It was wonderful. I walked a whole mile away from my office, down a field road (gravel) with the sound of crickets so loud they st
arted making me a little crazy after a while. started raining. luck. I had no choice but to keep on walking. No trees to hide under, no shelter...oh well. The great thing is that it started sprinkling and it never turned in to anything heavier. Thank Goodness!

Knowing that I was getting off early (to make up for staying late on Monday for that outage) made my afternoon FLY by...until 3:30...then it moved slower than all get out. Haha.

After work I headed to the gym and did arm torture, and then I pushed out 20 minutes on the Elliptical, which was very difficult. I knew I already had that walk in, and I did NOT feel like doing anything else. I have got to fix my mindset about that. I want the walking to be an EXTRA thing, not a replacement. Dang it.

Next, I went to my bosses house to pick up a little timid kitty. I'm going to spend some time with her this week and try to get her more used to people. :) When I got home, my sister and her kiddos came over to hang out with her and visit and they thoroughly terrified her. LOL. She got on Jamie's neck and stuck like glue until he put her down. It was sooooo cute.

And now I'm about to put some finishing touches on a wreath that I am delivering tomorrow, and then I'm getting things organized for tomorrow and hitting the hay! I feel EXHAUSTED!

Here is the breakdown for my food choices today:

Oatmeal with Sugar Free Maple Syrup & a tsp of Brown Sugar and unsweetened Almond Milk = 188 cals

Banana = 90 cals

Colton's: Mesquite Grilled Chicken with Rice Pilaf and Broccoli and a roll (no butter) = 554 cals (ouch!)

Almonds = 170 cals

2 cups of Doc's Chili and a serving of Multiseed Crackers = 454 cals

Total for the day is 1456 calories. I burnt 1,000 calories today, so HOPEFULLY, the scale is my friend tomorrow. Lol. We shall see.


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