Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 138: Procrastination!

Wow, today was fairly unproductive! Ok, not THAT bad, but I could have DEFINETELY gotten a lot more accomplished, but seemed to have a crazy bad lazy day!

I had a cake to made and it did get finished, but I had to stay up super late because I got started so late on it.
I spent most of the day sitting on my duff because I had a headache and felt just kindof all over Bleh! That's not really an excuse and because of it, I pretty much wasted a whole day. The good thing is that the cake turned out cute and it's DONE!

I did get to see my good friend Ariel for a while today though. :-) She was really nice to bring me one of those digital converter boxes because we had satellite when all of that went down and I honestly never thought there would be a time when I didn't have satellite. But I got so tired of paying WAY to much for it, and since we had Netflix I just shut off the satellite. So now after having it off for a while I really don't miss it much, except to see a few favorite shows, many of which are online or will be put on Netflix after the season is over. But I was realizing that I could see a lot of stuff on the regular local channels, so I started talking about one of those boxes and she offered to let us borrow it. :-) Now I just have to get a good antenna, because at this point the choices are pretty limited. We got Fox or! But that's ok too, because my momma has a antenna that they aren't using that she said I could have! So it all just kindof worked itself out pretty well! I love it when stuff like that happens :-)

Jamie had military duty today. This is his last drills with his unit. He turns his equipment in this weekend. He was just going to get out and that be that...but now he's seriously considering the reserves if they offer him a sign-on bonus. That scares the 'you know what' out of me because a nice big sign-on bonus means Afghanistan next year. I would be so proud of him to serve our country over seas, but at the same time I would live in fear of his return. Afraid the whole time that he wouldn't return, and then when he did, terrified that he would be so different that we wouldn't be able to pick back up our lives. It goes both ways. And every single man tells his wife that he won't let it change him, or it will be ok, or whatever to pacify her before he leaves. But some come back the same and some don't. Geez!! It terrifies me!

So anyways, yea...that was my day in a I'm exhausted and headed to bed, so I can get up and deliver this cake tomorrow! :-)

<3 Honor

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