Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 154: A Special Lady & A Gallbladder Mess!

Today has been a fairly eventful day. I went to church this morning and my pastor had this time during our morning worship when he says if God puts any particular person or need on your heart to go pray with them. I was just excited to have Jamie at church with me for the first time in a while so I had just planned to stay put, because I know he gets a little uncomfortable if I leave him alone. And right behind us the preachers wife comes. She Embraced us both in a loose hug and said she felt that God wanted her to come pray with us because she knew that we both yearned to have a child. Man, I'm telling you right now, that's all it took for the flood gates to open and me to start bawling like a little baby! No one has ever prayed for us like that for that specific reason. And I didn't even ask. She just knew! And the words of her prayer were just beautiful and they touched my heart. She is an amazing wife to our pastor and an amazing woman of God.

After church, Jamie and I went to eat lunch and my sister was texting me and telling me how her gall bladder was bothering her more than usual and this is the third day in a row. And she was in some pretty intense pain! I called a girl in from work and she covered my shift for me today so that I could go talk her into going to the hospital. She starts a new job tomorrow so she really needed to confirm that it was her fall bladdernd, find out how bad it was, and hopefully get some pain medicine. The problem is that when she has gone to the ER before, they check her in (she doesn't have insurance) and they don't even run any tests or ANYTHING! What of she was dying or something?!? The last time she went to the ER the doctor on duty told her she needed to schedule an ultrasound with a doctor the next day...uh hello? No insurance! They won't schedule testing without full payment! So she needed to be tested IN the ER..,I was beginning to think that just wasn't possible...but today, we went to a different hospital. And they didn't even ASK about insurance until AFTER she was treated. I thought that was awesome! I felt like she got treated as any other patient would be. And she was treated VERY well! The staff was AMAZING and they had her an X-ray and an ultrasound within 30 minutes of her getting called back! Plus they pumped her full of fluids and gave her some pain meds interveiniously (sp?) and gave her a prescription for some pain meds. Overall, I thought it was a very good visit and she also got a referral for a surgeon. So hopefully, as soon as her new insurance kicks in from her new job, she'll be able to finally get this taken care of!!

I'm now home and it's late and I'm super tired and have a busy day to go tomorrow. Good night friends!
<3 Honor

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