Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 141: Spaghetti Brains

Today was one of those fairly uneventful days. Lol. I didn't get hardly anything accomplished because I slept to late and then puddled around the house. I did, however, make a gigantic batch of spaghetti for small group bible study, our group had to move to Mondays because we were conflicting with the leaders children's ball practice schedule. Wow that was a mouth full! Lol.

So anyways, since I've been on vacation, I volunteered to cook both times because I normally work and can't make anything. Making a large quantity of food like that is no easy task! But I did sneak in some healthy on everyone. :-) I used a spaghetti sauce that has a serving of vegetables in a cup of the sauce. Very cool! And it did NOT taste like it. Plus I used lean ground beef in the sauce. :-) yep, I'm sneaky like that!

I love going to bible study, but even more when I've missed church that week. It makes me feel connected. Our lesson right now is about being in the word and spending more time connecting with God on an individual level. I've really got to step up and get on this bus. Because one of my very large spiritual downfalls is not spending enough time reading the bible and studying it.

Have a good night! Weigh day tomorrow! I pray that I'll be in the 270's even if only by a pound :)
<3 Honor

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