Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 146: Stronger than Yesterday

Ok so yea I love the song that is the same as my title :-) but that really is how I'm feeling. I have these knee bands that I got to wear to Zumba and when I do high intensity cardio and I forget to wear them half of the time...but I was in spinning class a few weeks ago and there was a girl in there that had a band like mine on and she was talking about how she has been having knee problems and her doctor told her to wear the band all the time when she was up during the day. So this morning I saw mine sitting on the dryer and thought, "Hey, it couldn't hurt!" and I have to knee feels significantly better today! And I'm GLAD! Because I was really scared that it might be something serious that would require medical attention and my insurance STINKS! So that's no good!

On the down side, I feel like doodoo today. It started out with the swollen and tender throat and has moved on to achy body and my eyes burn, which usually means I'm running a fever. Yuck! It's most likely just sinusitis, but I haven't been sick in a really long time (actually I have only had the little stomach thing that I thought was food poisoning a few weeks ago and that's IT since I started taking better care of myself!)

So aside from feeling like poo I had a nice busy day that made my TEN hours seem to go by a little faster. For lunch I went out to my car and set an alarm and just took a nap. I thought maybe that would rejuvenate me and help me get through the day, but on second thought, I think I feel worse since I took the nap! Lol

After work I got me something to eat and took care of my animals and I'm ready to go to bed early. Hopefully the combination of a good nights sleep with some Vick's Cold & Flu will help me feel better tomorrow!

<3 Honor


  1. I've had knees that crack and pop since I was 16 and that was a long time ago. When I was at my heaviest of 178, I could get that knee pain going with just a bike ride. Right now at 137 or so, I rarely have any knee pain.

    They tell us that just taking off ten pounds body weight will take 40 pounds of stress off our joints. I hear great stories at WW all the time when people lose ten to twenty pounds and their knees stop hurting. I hope your band helps. :)

  2. What are those knee bands called? Can I just buy them at Walgreens or do I need a prescription?