Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 145: Serious Injury?

Ok, I think I have my first exercise induced injury. My knee was hurting more than usual yesterday, but today it's pretty bad. I don't think I tore any ligaments or anything like that. But I definitely think I must have strained them. :( I'm ok when I'm walking, very mild pain. It's when I have to bend my knee or twist it in any way. So I guess that means I'm going to have to take the cardio on the easy side. Definitely no Zumba until its not hurting like this. I'm freaked out! I don't know what I'm going to do for cardio! I'll definitely have to look some stuff up and see what I can find out...

So other than my knee pain, my day was pretty great. I got to take pictures of Ms. Olivia's kiddos and they are super cute, so we got some great stuff! I only worked four hours today and I got to work with Ariel because she is going to be the manager in Cape and yesterday was her first day back so she needed to get her feet wet from being gone for 90 days :) and thank Go she was there! My phone rang non-stop and we had people picking up and it was just craziness for a bit. By the time we got caught up it was time to go!

I got off at 2 and went to eat with my friend Bethany and Ariel with her boyfriend. Good times :-) And afterward I ran home to change get ready for my nephews birthday. I made him a power rangers cake, so I had to get that loaded up too.

I got out to the park Early (imagine that!) and it was FREEZING! I had thought to grab a jacket, but WOW. I had to have my sis get me another one and I was still cold! Lol Josif loved his cake so my part was a success!

After the party I came home and watched tv for a bit and now I'm ready for bed. My knee is REALLY bothering me and I hope it is at least a little enter tomorrow, because I work all day by myself. :( oh boy!

Good night!
<3 Honor

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