Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 155: Interesting...

Well today has been interesting. I went to work and a little free I had been there I got a call from my DM letting me know that two of the top people in our company submitted their resignations today. I don't know what that means as of yet, but of course my company has been struggling financially to meet its goals and expectations because nearly every large corporation in the nation has been struggling and many folding Orr the past few years. And I'll be the first to admit that it freaks me out! I don't know what I would do if this wasn't my job. My whole world would change. I've threatened to find something else before, but I always end up back at the basics. I have a really nice schedule flexibly that I would lose, I get 21 paid days off a year that I have earned from working here for so long, and I love what I do 85% of the time.

After work I went to the gym for a little bit. I haven't been there in a whole because I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and of course my knee has been a big concern for nearly two weeks now. It's really weird...some days (like today) I have very little knee pain, and then on others it's nearly unbearable. All I know is that I can't lose weight of I don't exercise. I am not good enough with my diet to lose on diet alone, not to mention the fact that I don't even know if that's possible for me since it's so hard to get the weight off in the first place! Lol.

After my short stop at the gym I headed to small group bible study. We had baked potatoes for dinner, so I kept pretty low on my calories today so that I wouldn't blow them out of the water tonight. And all in all I think I did really well with that!

I think I mentioned before that we started a new bible study called 40 Days in The Word. If I didn't then I did now! Haha. And I have to say...I'm really enjoying it!! It's a study that's helps you learn to read AND study the bible and the man who put it together very obviously knows his stuff! So I look forward to learning a lot over the next few weeks!! The people that are a part of my small group bible study are all pretty stinking amazing. I love the time I get to spend with them and find myself a little sad when it's over and I know I have to wait another WEEK to see them again. :( But this week we are making dinner for some men who have been working on the construction of our church and I'm excited for it! We will do that Saturday night, so I have to do a little bit of juggling my work schedule to be able to be there.

Now I'm home and it's late and I need to get a couple of things done really quickly and get off to dream land!

Good night friends!
<3 Honor

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