Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 148: Mundane

Today was one of those days for the most part. Lol. I mean nothing crazy eventful happened. I worked all day. Jamie took me to lunch at the Chinese place and we had a nice lunch together.

Work wasn't busy so it just dragged on and on. I did a lot of catching up and calling people to have them come get their pictures. That makes me relatively insane because they have 6,000 excuses as to why they haven't been in or why they can't be in by the deadline. My company expects me to be able to force people to come pay for their pictures! So it's a little stressful.

After work I went straight to bible study. We are starting this new study called 40 days in the word. I thing it's going to be really great! I just have to commit myself, and that's the hard part!

After bible study I stayed and talked to Ms. Edie to late (I always do) she's just easy to talk to! Lol. I practically have I kick myself out or I'll stand there talking to her all night!

By the time I got home my knee was hurting me really bad again. This is not good. I thought it was getting better! I'm going to the gym tomorrow night and praying I'm able to do some cardio because I know the scale isn't going to be good to me in the morning. It has need a really bad week!

Good night!
<3 Honor

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