Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 143: Overdone!

Well I've been a busy Chica today! I only have one more day of my vacation left so today I went into it knowing I had a lot to get done. And I did get quite a bit done! The day went by way to fast! When Jamie got home from work this mining I loaded up all kinds if different things I've collected from cleaning. Things that go to my sis, my momma, my cousin, a co-worker, the post office, and the list goes on! So I loaded everything up and went to do my errands.

In the middle of my running I ran into my sis and I ended up calling Jamie and us all meeting to eat lunch. We went to Mexican and I only ate half of my plate! I was actually really excited about it because I was full!

Afterward it was a shorter than anticipated return home because the power went out! So I packed up some senior pictures, put on my workout clothes and off I went...back to town. I dropped the pictures off to some happy clients and then off to the gym. I did some strength training and I believe I may have overdone it a bit, because I am hurting! Mostly my knee. I get really annoyed with my knee. :( I just want it and my plantar faciitus to go away. I haven't had any symptoms at all in my right foot for months, but my left one is still really bothering me. But it WILL get better. It will!

Good night friends! I have a long day to go tomorrow. :-)
<3 Honor

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