Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 82: Another Friday

I HATE FRIDAYS! Lol. Most people love them...not this chick right here! Especially when I have to go to Cape.

My day was long and exhausting and I don't even get to work out on Friday's because I go to work and then tonight I got home a little after 9 (I had to get something to eat before my drive home so I wouldn't be eating and then going straight to bed, boo), so by the time I came in and straightened up the house and took a shower, it was time for bed! So yea, not a fan of Fridays. :-)

Yesterday I got a weighted bar that my personal trainer ordered for me and I'm super excited about it. It's a 12 pound bar that you can do TONS of different exercises with. We use them in my Ypump class a lot. I had every intention of coming home tonight and bringing it in and doing some exercises. And then I came home and packed my lunch for tomorrow and I went ahead and got some workout clothes and work clothes ready because I am hoping I can get myself up in the morning and go to the morning Ypump class before work. So I better get my booty in bed and catch some zzz's...

Sleep tight my friends :-)
<3 Honor

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