Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 88: The epidemic!

I realized something that kind of boggles my mind today. I watch all kinds of different weight-loss shows, and documentaries, and read people's stories and so many of them have a common concern that I never really realized. When they finally take the first step to truly changing their lives for good almost all of them have a very similar concern...they are afraid for their lives and literally are starting the journey because they think they will die really soon if they don't.

That thought NEVER crossed my mind. Not once! I have been extremely blessed with a pretty low amount of medical concerns in my lifetime and have never dealt with the blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, or any of the other obesity related concerns that other people do. It was never about the length of my life, but always about the Quality of my life that concerned me. I'm just not happy as a fat girl. Ok, wait I am a happy person, who is extremely thankful for the Outpouring of blessings I have been given! I just don't feel like I live up to my tried potential that God has for me as a morbidly obese person.

I think that, (and I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings here) every day I lived in my body and overate, and didn't exercise and stayed satisfied with my lifestyle, EVERY day I feel like I was sinning. I was poisoning my body, and committing a slow suicide. And I am absolutely POSITIVE that that behavior is not pleasing to God.

My sister was watching this show about people who are more than 600 pounds and most of them are holed up in there homes, many unable to even get out of bed and definitely not able to leave their homes without assistance, and some of these people are crying out for help! I don't understand...bed ridden or at least house ridden..someone (usually a family member) is bringing this person their food. How difficult is it to STOP BRINGING THEM THE FOOD THAT IS KILLING THEM!! I mean REALLY! I understand that the pleas for whatever the person might be used to would be hard to deal with, but we are talking about MASSIVE amounts of food these people are feeding their loved ones. It's really sad. And what's even sadder to me is that there are so SO many people 'in hiding' that are dying and no one is doing anything to stop it. I have mental issues with food that caused me to get to where I was. So I know for a fact that these people need mental help! I am so deeply affected by this problem in our world that I can't even begin to tell you how much this bothers me!

Ok, I think I'm done with my rant for now. So believe or not, I've actually had a really great day! Lol, I'm sure that is very hard to believe considering all of the stuff I just threw out there, but I feel rejuvenated! Even though the normal outside world has no idea what I'm doing or how far I've come already, the people in MY world know. And that makes all the difference. At work today, I had a customer call, that I've known since her first baby was born and now she's almost family because her nephew married my cousin! I think he's her Whatever, they're related! So I love when they come to see me and she called to book an appointment with me, but the first thing she said was, "So how's your journey goin girl?" I LOVE IT! :-) And she told me how proud she was of me and we chatted for a bit, but she really made my day. :) I can't wait until I've lost enough that when I run in to people I haven't seen in a while and they have to take a double take. :-))) that will be the day!!

Well I guess I was long winded today, because this is the longest blog I've had in a while!! I still have lots to do today, including a two hour visit to the gym and bible study tonight!

Have a great evening and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day!!
<3 Honor

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  1. I watched one of those shows last night about a young lady named Ashley. It was like she was the family punching bag and it was okay to ridicule her. Her father was very supportive and her mother pretended to be but made fun of her incessantly. It was sad and made me want to yell at the mother that she wasn't thin herself.