Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 90: 3 months!!!

Today marks a milestone!!! Three months! If I was in AA I would totally get a special chip for this. :) Today was an awesome day!! I stayed really busy at work and had really great kids and really great sales, which is always the formula for a great day! I got to have lunch with friends and I'm always excited to have company for my lunch hour!! And then I had two different people make comments this evening that just topped it all off! One of the CSM's in my store, that's one of my buddy's said to me, "Honor, you're getting so skinny!" I laughed out loud and said, "what are you talkin about lady? I don't have the S word in my vocabulary...It's more like, 'less pudgy'" Bahahahaha. But was great! And I still have a Loooooong ways to go!!

Then my last customer of the day comes in and we do the session and I was visiting with her while I was editing her portraits and I hadn't mentioned at all about my journey to lose weight, and she said, "You've lost quite a bit of weight since the last time I was here, haven't you?" THAT...MADE MY YEAR!! I will NEVER forget How I felt when she said that!! So, how long does it take for someone you don't know, just an acquaintance, to notice your transformation? Well that depends on the person...but for this's 90 days!!!! What am AWESOME way to celebrate my 90th day! I think that's BETTER than a chip!! :))) I think I'll be all smiles for the rest of the night!!

I topped off my night with a very nice visit with/dinner with my sis after work. It's so much fun to go to dinner with her. :) I always laugh and have a great time! And tonight was no exception! In fact, I think we might have even laughed more than usual! We were having fun trying to guess the ages of various people that worked in the restaurant and were AMAZED at how far off we were on the people who were younger than us! Wow! 17 & 18 year olds are really looking Way more mature than they should be these days!!!! But we sure had some great laughs about it. :)

My second cake for the week was received by a very happy customer and it turned out great! I'll post a pic to the bottom of my blog tonight since I forgot to last night. Have a good night! I hope you're planning to go to church in the morning! I am!
<3 Honor


  1. Honor--I'm so very proud and happy for you. You're an awesome example of choosing change---you're doing it, Honor---Love this!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Sean! I'm pretty excited about it! I just can't wait to see what the next 90 days hold for me!