Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 87: Barbie!!

Lesson learned! Honor cannot stay up late watching movies anymore! Lol! I woke up with a HORRID migraine and ended up losing my entire morning trying to get rid of it!

Last night, the gym visit with my friend went really well. I had to hold back a little because I really wanted to go after her Biggest Loser Style;) but I sure don't want to discourage her! But we got some good solid cardio in, with some low intensity strength training. And I got to visit with my momma some too. :)

So, when I finally got myself going today, I finished the Barbie Cake and it turned out really cute! I'll post a pic at the end of my blog tonight for those of you that may not be friends with me on Facebook. :-) I get really excited when I finish a cake. :)

I don't know what it is about me, but I can sit down and start watching TV, and before I know what I'm running late to wherever I planned on going. Today, after I finished with the cake, I sat down to watch a little bit of a movie. I have absolutely no intentions of watching the entire movie. And before I knew it I was so caught up in it that I was running late. I really am sick and tired of being late everywhere I go! And I really am working on it. So after I peeled myself away from the television, I headed to the gym. I started out my night with a spinning class! I absolutely love to go to spinning now, because I can still remember the first time I went almost 3 months ago, and I just really sucked! I'm not joking… I couldn't even spin standing up at all! And now, even though I still can't do every thing that the other people do, I still do a heck of a lot better. I can really see my progress whenever I go to that class. But, you know, I can see my progress in Zumba too! When I first started going to that class, it kicked my butt! I couldn't do half of the moves correctly because I couldn't turn my body around fast enough, or get my booty to move the right way, or jump up-and-down... I still do the modified moves on some stuff, but I do a heck of a lot more than I used to!! It really makes me feel so good to see my progress in my workouts! I can feel my body getting stronger and more tolerant to my abuse! Haha...

So tonight I went to spinning, and then I met my sis and went to Zumba for almost an hour and a half. Afterward, we were bad little girls, and went and had some Mexican! I know, I know… Don't judge me! Lol. I said before, that when I eat at the Mexican restaurant, I really don't do all that bad... But I probably did have to many chips and salsa tonight because it was really hitting the spot! The good thing is that I had tons of calories left for this evening so it's not like I blew my calories, I just didn't eat the way that I know I should.

My philosophy is, as long as I'm still seeing a minus on that scale, I'm not going to beat myself up about a few days that I go easy on myself. Plus I burned 2100 cal tonight in the gym! I really think that makes a big difference, because it's really really hard for me to stay perfect on my diet. So I took a little bit of advice that I got from Jillian Michaels! In a week you have three days that you stick to your diet really really well, two days that you're kind of in the middle, and two days that you're a little more relaxed. I did pretty close to that philosophy last week and it seemed to work well, so we'll see what goes on this week.

As always, thanks for tuning in. Have a good night!
<3 Honor

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