Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 85: Sugar-Free Icing on Fat-Free Cake!

I refuse to let a complicated day at work dictate the rest of my day. But it's hard to separate the two when you get as involved with these things as I do! I wish I could have a magic button to press that would make things better but I don't. And the only thing I can control is me, and how I react to other people. I would desperately LOVE to be able to control other people sometimes and be able to make them do what I need them to, but that's not how the real world works! Ha!

I was so proud of myself this morning! I actually got up really close to when I needed to and reached the Cape studio on time! Go me! I'm anxious about the next two days because they are my days off, and I need to get as much of the cake stuff done as I can so I'm not stressed later in the week. :-) Last night I managed to get all of the cake layers baked that I need for my cakes this week and got them cooled and wrapped and put in the freezer! I do that a week ahead of time and then cool and 'dirty ice' them and refreeze because that holds in the moisture REALLY well, and I have heard from people that have enjoyed my cakes that they were super moist. :-)

So after work today I headed to the gym to get my workout on...Zumba was great tonight, and I burned quite a few calories, which was very much in need! My only issue with Zumba is that it makes my knee hurt! Honestly I don't know if it would stop hurting if I weren't going to Zumba though because with the last fifty pounds or so that I had gained, that's when my knee started bothering me. I'm ready for my body to start thanking me for shedding pounds. I'm excited about the idea of my feet not hurting from the plantar Faciitis, and I would be very grateful if the knee pain went away too! Plus, I'm really hoping my P. C. O. S. gets better. :-) THAT would be the sugar-free icing on the fat-free cake!! Haha.

I'm home, sitting in my driveway once again. Finishing up my blog before I head in to get busy on those cakes. :-) tomorrow should be a productive day! I sure hope so! Because the more I get done tomorrow, the less ill have to do Wednesday. :-)

Oh and tomorrow is a weigh day! Since I had such a terrible week most of the week...I'm kindof just hoping to break even this week. I'm PRAYING I don't have a gain. I've shied away from the tomorrow I'll guess we'll find out. :-)

Have a good one!
<3 Honor

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