Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 83: Its a Do-Si-Do Nightmare!

Yea, I know my title is dramatic, but really?! These cute little girl scouts are gonna kill me! I easy dodged the Cookie ordering because you can't actually SEE the boxes of cookies...then I come in to work today and BAM! Cute little girl scout, "Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?" oh and that sweet little face...! YES I would live to eat an entire box of Do-Si-Do's, those are the yummy peanut butter sandwich cookies. But, no thanks! So I rush in to the store so I can clock-in and DOUBLE BAM!! Discounted Valentine's Chocolates and Candy.....ooooh....GRrr How is a fat girl supposed to stay on the straight and narrow AND be in a good mood with all of these temptations! Haha...yes I'm overdramatizing it, but what can I say...this is the way my brain thinks!

So today really just didn't go the way I had planned for it to go. I overslept. Again. So no workout this morning. And I came to work and ran into temptation at the door...I did fine with that, but then I am training and it has been harder for me this whole time I've been training. We went to Chinese for lunch, and I could have done fine by only getting the food off of the grill, but I had a few other things I shouldn't have, and it just hasn't been a good day. I really haven't done great this week at all since I had the Root Canal Tuesday, and then Our anniversary and I swear the only day I've done what I should be doing is Thursday. What the crap! I CAN do better! And I will! Nobody ever said this would be an easy journey, but I'm DEFINITELY feelin it this week! But, in the famous words of George Lopez, "I've got this!"

I have a pretty crazy week ahead of me this week. I have a cake due on Friday and I have to work in Cape Monday and's gonna be crazy! I'm trying REALLY hard NOT to get stressed about it.

Have a good night my friends :-)
<3 Honor

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