Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 94: Pressure

Today was a stressful day. One of the top dogs of our company was supposedly in our district. No one knew where he was or what exactly he was doing. So I spent my entire work day freaked out. It's not that I don't do my job or anything at all like that. These people just have a history of going in and telling people all kinds of crap and most, if not every last one of them could not even THINK about doing my job. It's annoying. I take pride in my work. And I don't like some arrogant top dog coming around and shaking things up! I went to lunch with my honey and my sissy and it was great! I had to many calories that meant a teeny tiny dinner. I try really hard to make sure I'm eating at least SOMETHING every three to four hours so I can keep my metabolism in gear. So if I make a poor decision early in the day, that means skimping the rest of the day, and I dont like that!

They called an emergency conference call after lunch and told us that four of our studios would be closing (not mine, thank God) and something over 300 are closing in the whole company! We have over 3000 studios so they are taking out the least profitable ones so they can use those resources elsewhere. I can't say that I think it's a bad idea, because I think it's a great idea. But it sure shook up my district and has everyone in pins and needles.

So the big Whig is still supposed to be in our area tomorrow, but I think he went back to the home office because of this new studio closure mess. I do t know, but I only work 4 hours tomorrow so yippee!!

Zumba was fun tonight, but I started yawning and kept on yawning over and over!! I don't know what was up with my body, but it got to a point that it was actually PAINFUL! I stuck it out for and hour and a half and then Elizabeth and I decided to go sit in the sauna and relax our muscles. :-)

Sleep tight!
<3 Honor

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